Friday, October 7

Day: February 7, 2001


“be punished?”

Black people who have been in the sky,Seem,Listening to a different kind of unclear。 Mask,He laughed,“Since this,I don't bully.,Calculate you for a hundred years,Take the effect, especially。” what!!Fall into the voice,Summer and Gogan are all discolored。 Suppression of a hundred years? How to do this!More than six years,Watupuades who have to be held。 Whether you are still in the summer,Have a delay。 Suppress,Not simply grab it back to get off。 But it will lock two meridians,Don't even practice。 “senior,When I was caught in the past,It's all penalty some gods……I am a pulse,This is sneak,Just rush back to the Thousand Years,I beg my seniors……”Gogjian is anxious,Can only move out your own identity。 However——Black people d...