Thursday, October 6

Day: February 6, 2001


Since it is in the most exclusive encounter,She also chose to welcome the love,Not negative,Not meet!

Two people holding the hand down,The car in the nearby supermarket is bought near the car.。 Two people went to 40 minutes,Finally full load,Underground garage,Han Yuxuan opened the car to another road。 Blue Qiqi,Some doubts,“Yuxuan,This is not the way back to your home.,Where are you going??” Han Yuxuan laughs:“Go to buy a cake。” Blue Qiqi looked at himself,Breathless,“Han Yuxuan,Do you think I am thin now??” Han Yuxuan honest opening:“Thin,Fat point again。” Blue Qiqi:“……”This is very familiar with this。“But I don't want to lose weight,One but beyond my height range,I have to get up early to swim.,I have to be pulled by Grandpa.,I am now right now.。”She doesn't want to eat cake at night.,Occasional mothers will give her some pastries...