Thursday, October 6

Day: February 1, 2001


The two sessions learn to carry political responsibilities, and to prepare for the battle of spring plowing

Carrying up the political responsibility, and preparing for the spring plowing of the Hunan Daily all -media commentator Yi Bowen to warm the soil cream, the new rain broke the spring plowing. "Grain security is the" big one of the country '"" must ensure that important agricultural products, especially food supply, as the primary task, "General Secretary Xi Jinping visited the agricultural, social welfare and social security community of the 13th CPPCC of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. Important speeches caused a strong response in Sanxiang. With higher political standing, stricter work standards, and more realistic work measures, the "big of the country" of food security is the meaning of Hunan as a...

“real?”Wang Flow and Zhang Xiaoying are in the same way to confirm the road。

Wang Fang is a little bit:“real,Now seeing his people,I have been married after I have been married, and I have been divorced.。” child,divorce……What you think is long?……Wang Flow,But she is not wrong.,Her character,If it is not this accident,She is really likely to go to the steps of marriage and born.。 Waiting for the child, look at him again.,That's more trouble.,Even if the marriage can be left,But the child is in a lifetime.。 Compared to below,Still now, the quick knife is simple.。 “You can think about it.,In the future, I will tell my brother.,Brother help you solve。” “knew,Thank you。”Wang Fang is sweet and smile,Readily。 …… According to the original idea of Wang,It is intended to let Wang Fang live more than two days at home....