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The two sessions learn to carry political responsibilities, and to prepare for the battle of spring plowing

Carrying up the political responsibility, and preparing for the spring plowing of the Hunan Daily all -media commentator Yi Bowen to warm the soil cream, the new rain broke the spring plowing. "Grain security is the" big one of the country ‘"" must ensure that important agricultural products, especially food supply, as the primary task, "General Secretary Xi Jinping visited the agricultural, social welfare and social security community of the 13th CPPCC of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. Important speeches caused a strong response in Sanxiang. With higher political standing, stricter work standards, and more realistic work measures, the "big of the country" of food security is the meaning of Hunan as a major speech province to implement the spirit of the general secretary. The top priority is to grasp the various tasks of spring plowing, and depart the provincial party committee and the provincial government’s annual grain production area and stable output requirements on the heart, grasp the hands, implement it in action, to ensure the national food of the country’s food Power on the power of Hunan safely and contribute to Hunan.

The lake is wide and the world is full.

As an important agricultural province and the main food area of ??the country, Hunan produced a national%of the country with a cultivated land in the country. In 2021, the total grain output of the province was 100 million kilograms, an increase of 100 million pounds over 2020, a new high of 6 years. Among them, the area and output of the early rice were ranked first in the country, which made a positive contribution to ensuring national food security. The east wind blows green grass, and the valley advises spring plowing.

In this season of spring and Jingming and all things, all parts of the province are seizing the opportunity of favorable opportunities, organizing cultivation of cultivated land, reserving agricultural capital, and the hot spring plowing of the sky, breeding the hope of the year. From the Economic Work Conference of the Provincial Party Committee, "Protect the protection of cultivated land in a more prominent position, continue to promote the construction of high -standard farmland to ensure stable food area", and go to the Provincial Party Committee’s rural work conference to propose "fully ensure food production and important agricultural supplies". The provincial government has always taken food production as the top priority.

At present, the mission of 71.59 million mu of grain area has been decomposed to each city and counties, and exceeds the mission area of ??our province for 240,000 acres than the province’s mission area; 13.5 million mu of early rice seedlings have been arranged, an increase of 3.5 million acres from last year. But arrangement does not mean implementation after all, and tasks are not equal to harvesting.

It is also necessary to investigate and study, supervise and guide the real work, and truly implement the task of food production throughout the year to each household and farmland.

Spring light does not wait for someone, can’t bear the March day.

The key to stabilizing food production throughout the year is early rice and the key lies in preparing farming. Farmers in the province are working hard that the agricultural departments at all levels need to use their hearts to use their hearts to help spring plowing as current events and programs.

This year, a series of encouraging policies were introduced from the central government to the province, such as the minimum purchase price of rice and wheat, stabilizing corn, soybean producer subsidy and rice subsidy policies, and realized the full cost insurance and planting income insurance for three major grain crops and the main production of planting income insurance. Provincial grain -producing county covers full coverage and increase the reward of grain production counties. The policy cannot be allowed to "always be on the road". It is necessary to ensure that the "courier" and "direct" methods and efficiency must ensure that various agricultural benefits and farmers ‘red profits are sent to farmers’ friends as soon as possible. Seeds, fertilizer and other agricultural resources are the "ammunition" for spring plowing. The agricultural department must increase supervision and inspection, maintain supply, stable price, and quality. Investigation must never allow counterfeit and inferior agricultural products to pit farmers and harm farmers. Similarly, preparation of spring plowing is also a stage for agricultural technicians at all levels to show their skills. It is the responsibility of agricultural technical personnel to send agricultural technical services to the house and accurately "timely rain" to the field.

People mistakenly, the earth mistaken for one year. Prepare spring plowing, can’t wait or mistake.

This year is the first year of the province’s implementation of the party and government responsibility for food security. All localities must carefully study the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech on food safety, implement the major decision -making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council to ensure food security, and further strengthen the Provincial Party Committee, and further strengthen the Provincial Party Committee. The provincial government’s various measures to stabilize grain production, bring together the forces of all parties to ensure that the province’s grain area is stable at more than 71.35 million mu and the output is stable at more than 60 billion kilograms.

no pain no gain.

Sanxiang’s land, with the preparation of "the earth’s thunder and hearing the drum, the Niushan Dai Yan back,", with the cultivation of "Spring Limited Ru Zhen, Thousands of acres of Liangtian Labor", it will definitely usher in "watching the rice dumplings and thousands of weights. The wins of the waves, the heroes all over the world. "

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