Thursday, June 1

The Russian army will announce the "silent state" and open the humanitarian corridor, and Wu refuses Russia’s proposal

  [Global Times Special reporter in Russia Sui Xin Global Times special reporter Fu Yan] The Russian Ministry of Defense announced on the 7th that the Russian army will enter the "silent state" from 10 am Moscow time on Monday, thinking Doctrine channel. However, Ukraine was dissatisfied with the humanitarian channels proposed by Moscow, and therefore rejected the Russian proposal. According to the Russian International Telecommunications Agency reported on the 7th, during the "silent state" of the Russian army, civilians in Ukraine, Mali Ubol, Halkov, and Sami could choose to withdraw through humanitarian channels through humanitarian channels. Ukraine non -interactive zones, Russia or Belarus.

According to the Russian plan, the people of Kyiv can go to the city of Permel, Belarus, and then take a plane to Russia; civilians in Marwol City can choose to withdraw to Rostov or Ukraine Zhapollo in Russia; Hal Cave civilians can go to Belgo Rhoders in Russia; civilians in Sami can choose to withdraw to Belgo Rhodes or Ukraine Poltava. The Russian Ministry of Defense pointed out in a statement that during the opening of the humanitarian channel, the Russian army will use various means including drones to continue to monitor the civilian evacuation operation. Moscow will also provide all civilian evacuation information to the United Nations and the International Red Cross to prevent the Ukraine from blaming Russia from the crime of damaging humanitarian actions.

Russia said it is expected that the Urban leaders and all city leaders involving humanitarian channels can take specific actions. However, Ukraine reported that Ukraine Deputy Prime Minister Wileshak said on the 7th that Ukraine refused to open humanitarian channels in accordance with the plan proposed by Russia. She said that the choice proposed by Russia was unacceptable. Ukraine civilians "will not go to Belarus and then go to Russia by plane." Wileshak emphasized that Russia should allow Ukrainian citizens to evacuate through Ukraine territory.

She also called on the United States, Britain, and France to help open up "real" humanitarian channels. The Ukraine True News said on the 7th that the Ukraine Railway announced on social media on the day of the evacuation train schedule and continued to transport Ukraine to safe places. The Russian Ministry of Defense said that the decision to open humanitarian channels was made by French President Macron. The president of Russia passed the phone on the 6th.

However, according to Agence France -Presse, the French Presidential Office denied the statement. However, the French side said that Macron insists on respecting the international humanitarian law, protecting and providing assistance to civilians. "This means that someone must organize actions to protect civilians and allow humanitarian assistance to enter (Ukraine)." An anonymous French official said on Monday. Agence France -Presse reported on the 7th that after the outbreak of the Russian and Ukraine War, more than 1.5 million people had left Ukraine. Under the appeal of the international community, Russia and Ukraine held a second round of negotiations on the 3rd, and the two sides reached an understanding on the establishment of humanitarian channels. According to media reports such as Reuters on Monday, the Ukrainian authorities said that about half of the 400,000 people in Marwol City were originally scheduled to evacuate on the 6th, but the evacuation work was canceled because of Russia’s "continuous attack".

Russia refuted this statement. According to media reports such as Russian Independence Television, Mary Ubol is the most active area of ??Ukraine’s "national radicals". After the Donetsk folk armed forces announced on the 5th that after entering the "silent state" in the area to ensure the evacuation of civilians, the Ukrainian military turned the city into a "concentration camp" and used civilians as a "shield". Essence

  According to Reuters on the 7th, Steel Hart, the operation director of the International Red Cross Commission, called on Russia and Ukraine to immediately withdraw the specific route and time to reach a consensus, so that the people of the difficulties can leave Ukraine safely. He said that when the International Red Cross Commission evacuated from the city of Mary Upol on the 6th, he found that the evacuation passage was buried with mines when he arrived at the first outlet.