Friday, March 31

Handan Qiu County: "Three Summer" grab the opportunity to grasp safety and keep the yield

  Find the bottom number, efficient preparation. All townships and assistance units in the county act immediately to make a comprehensive arrangement of the production situation of Sanyuma, with farmers, landfalls, agricultural machinery to clear summer harvest, summer broadcast area, the number of agricultural machinery, return to farmers, and the number of farmers who have not returned to the countryside. And establish a wheat harvest task account, so as to count in your heart, ensure that you can accept it and grab the seeds.

For farmers who cannot return or have no labor capacity due to the epidemic, the person in charge of the contract is clearly explained, the policies are explained, and the work of the township and village service classes and service organizations will be performed. Serve.

  Coordinate and take care of them and carry out efficiently.

For more than ten days before the summer harvest, Qiu County coordinated summer broadcasts, agricultural supply supply, straw bay, epidemic prevention and control, and kept security. Do a good job in the preparations for cross -regional operations of agricultural machinery. At the same time, the Agricultural and Rural Bureau will cooperate with the county’s agricultural companies in the county to do a good job in the protection of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. to ensure sufficient supply, timely supply, and no mistakes. Strive to mature a piece of harvest, harvest a piece of sowing, to ensure that the summer harvest is returned in time, the summer broadcast is completed early, and the summer management is scientifically carried out.