Friday, March 31

Hunan four measures and focus on promoting the protection of consumer rights

  In recent years, Hunan Market Supervision Department has made a new pattern of consumer rights protection work with "large markets, large supervision, and large -scale consumer protection", and strives to create a assured consumer environment.

In 2021, the province’s market supervision departments 12315 hotline and platform and consumer protection committees at all levels received a total of 10,000 consumer complaints, reports, and consultation, and handled 10,000 hotlines for the 12345 hotline to restore consumers to 100 million yuan in economic losses. Fresh the channels for demand, continuously improve the consumer rights protection channels to improve the workflow, and print the "Opinions on the Reporting Reporting and Treatment of the Optimization of the Political Services and Convenience Hotline", promote the 12315 hotline in the province The method of incorporation is included in the unified management of the 12345 government service and convenience hotline.

Strengthen information sharing, establish a high -efficiency collaborative mechanism for the hotline of government service hotline and 12315 consumer complaint reports, vigorously promote the construction of the 12315 platform online consumer dispute resolution mechanism (ODR), and actively promote consumer disputes to "settle in enterprises and resolve the source". As of the end of 2021, there were 1,568 ODR companies in the province, and the online reconciliation rate has steadily increased.

Strengthen the construction of grass -roots service points, and carry out in -depth 12315 consumer rights protection enterprises, malls, markets, scenic spots, and school work, and expand the coverage of social consumer rights protection networks. Pay close attention to quality management, steadily improve the strategy of high quality and provincial strategies, and solidly carry out special actions of "10 million" quality management improvement, and effectively strengthen the quality and safety supervision of food, medicines, special equipment and important industrial products.

Establish a traceability system for importing cold chain food "Hunan Cold Chain", with a total of more than 8.33 million traceable source code, and regulating 10,000 batches of imported cold chain foods; carrying out food safety "protection sources", "protection of seedlings", "protecting the elderly", catering quality and safety Improve operation, domestic baby with milk powder improvement operation and rice and salt safety improvement operations, complete 31 large -scale food safety sampling inspection tasks of 31 large foods, cover a total of 7,960 food manufacturers and 34,358 food business enterprises in the province, keep holding it to keep People are "vegetable baskets, rice bags, oil pots" safe.

  Carry out special rectification, comprehensively optimize the focus of the consumer market environment, focus on the focus of difficult points, formulate and implement the "Measures for the Treatment of Cases of Consumption Complaints in Hunan Province (Trial)", severely crack down on violations of consumers’ rights and interests, carry out in -depth 2021 "net swords" special operations, check the inspection Thousands of times and online stores were investigated and dealt with 393 cases such as online infringement.

Focus on the field of people’s livelihood and outstanding issues, conduct in -depth cases of investigating the "iron fist" operation in the field of people’s livelihood, investigate 10,000 cases of various cases, and release 304 typical cases. Among them, 1601 cases for investigating prices and improper competition cases, and the amount of refund is 100 million yuan.

Focus on supervision and guarantee, urge all places to combine daily supervision with "dual random, one open" random inspection supervision, weaving the consumer market supervision network, and further optimizing the market environment. For example, 82 households and 82 households who were reported by consumers in 2021 and 24 households in the fields of water supply, power supply, gas supply, heating, and other fields were conducted. And urge the rectification of the problem enterprise. Promote social co -governance, vigorously boost residents’ consumption confidence to comprehensively improve consumer rights protection and governance capabilities, and introduce "Several Opinions on Consolving the Consumption of Residents of Residents", organize and organize the inter -joint meeting of the Provincial Consumer Rights Protection Department to actively resolve consumer rights and interests Outstanding problems in the field of protection. Carry out in -depth consumption creation, formulate an evaluation index system, compile and release the province’s consumer environment index research report, and organize the province to fully promote the work of reassuring consumer environment in terms of system construction, regulatory law enforcement, credit supervision, co -construction and governance, infrastructure construction, etc. Essence Carry out publicity and education extensively, carefully plan the 3.15 activity, through organizing consumer rights protection knowledge and answering competitions, holding the annual seminar on "Guardian Safety and Fresh Consumption", etc., strengthen the law training activities such as the Consumer Rights Protection Law, and strengthen consumers. Rights protection capabilities, establish the concept of correct and rational consumption. (Liang Xin of Literature).