Friday, March 31

Linxiazhou Museum hosts the cultural activity of "Finding China in the Museum"

Original title: The cultural activity of the "Museum Finding China" in the State Museum In order to further play the social educational function of the museum, stimulate the value of the cultural relics, and let the ancient cultural relics rejuvenate. Recently, the Linxia State Museum rely on the cultural relics of the museum to hold the "museum in the museum museum Finding China "cultural activities, many people and students entered the state museum to explore the spirit of Chinese culture and Chinese spirit. The activity combines the combination of classroom explanations and parent -child manual experience, so that while understanding the cultural connotation of the cultural relics behind the cultural relics and the distance between the traditional culture, the ancient cultural relics are also allowed to use the Winter Olympics to "out of the circle" and rejuvenate. Light in the new era.

At the event site, the interpreter led the students into the exhibition hall to introduce the development history and production methods of various cultural relics such as color pottery and jade, and explore Chinese culture in the Winter Olympics with children.

While the children grow their knowledge, they give full play to their ability to play, and designed the medals with jade elements in their hands to experience traditional culture in an innovative form, so that the cultural relics in the exhibition hall "live". In addition to the children, 20 families from the Daci community in Linxia City were also invited to enter the State Museum to experience traditional culture and enjoy a feast of cultural relics. (Responsible editor: Zhou Wanting, Jiao Long) Share let more people see recommended reading.