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Pioneering and enterprising go all out to maintain the "tuning" situation

Continuously improve the business environment, continuously optimize the economic layout, strengthen ecological environmental protection, and promote sustainable development … The government work report’s review of the high -quality development of my country in the past year is exciting.

Next, how to stand the impact in the risk challenge of multiple overlapping risks, improve the quality of quality on the basis of the growth of quantitative growth, and strive to achieve higher quality, more efficient, fair, more sustainable, and safer development. Many representative members pay attention to the topic. On the basis of "stabilizing" and "getting into good", the situation of going all out to maintain "tuning" is the new idea of ??solving problems given by Jiangxi. "Treatment" not only represents the transformation and upgrading of the industry, the conversion of kinetic energy, and the improvement of quality and efficiency, but also means that Jiangxi further completes, accurate, and comprehensively implements new development concepts, in terms of economic structure, industrial level and development mode, development paths, etc. They all have higher pursuit and goals.

Accelerate the transformation and upgrading and cultivation of emerging industries to strengthen the digital economy, optimize and upgrade the business environment, deepen the development and reform of the two "No. 1 project" fighting in the Ganxi land in full swing. Essence Our province proposes that we will strive to create a digital economy "one place and four districts" in about 5 years. In 2021, the digital economy scale of our province is expected to exceed the trillion yuan mark. Among them, the development level of electronic information, the Internet of Things, big data, and VR industry is at the forefront of the country, and its development trend is happy.

The development of the digital economy is a research topic of long -term attention of the CPPCC member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the chairman of the Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee, and the chairman of the Provincial Science and Technology Association.

In the National Two National Sessions this year, he submitted a proposal to "Improve the" Five Hua "layout and promote the construction of a digital power".

Shi Ke suggested that our province should establish a government -led digital economy integrated platform, explore the establishment of chief data official system at all levels, promote the opening and sharing, development and utilization of data resources of various government departments, accelerate the integration of the global digital economy industry system; frontier layout at the forefront Emerging digital economy industries, enhance the competitiveness of digital economy industries such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and blockchain, and promote the transformation of virtual reality technology and technology achievements and product application popularization.

While vigorously cultivating and expanding emerging industries and adjusting the industry level, Jiangxi’s traditional manufacturing industry also moves forward quickly in transformation and upgrading.

The annual operating income was 455.2 billion yuan and the profit was 8 billion yuan, ranking ranked 225th in the world’s top 500, which was 1,45th from 2018 … 2021 is the year of Jiangxi Industrial "Leading Sheep" Jiang Tongda harvest. The company takes the three -year operation of "State -owned Enterprise Reform and Innovation" and "Raising World -Class -class Management" and successfully completed the "three -year innovation double increase" task.

Stimulating vitality through scientific and technological innovation is one of the secrets of the development of Jiang Tong.

Xie Jianhui, deputy director of the National People’s Congress representative and deputy factory director of the Jiangbin Tongxing Tongjia Tail Comprehensive Factory, introduced that in the past three years, enterprises have invested more than 15 billion yuan in R & D funds, introduced 8 leading scientists and 56 doctors, completed 210 scientific research projects, science and technology, science and technology, science and technology The results of achievements reached 100 million yuan, and scientific and technological innovation became the "maximum increase" of the high -quality development of enterprises.

"I want to bring back the spirit of the two conferences in the country, work hard on their posts, and contribute to the promotion of the reform and innovation of state -owned enterprise reform and innovation at the grassroots level.

"Xie Jianhui said.

Continue to promote rural rejuvenation and solidly promoting common prosperity to promote economic and social development. In the final analysis, it is necessary to realize the common prosperity of all people. As a large agricultural province, rural rejuvenation is the only way to achieve common prosperity in Jiangxi. Since last year, Yichun City has made every effort to consolidate and expand the effective connection with the revitalization of poverty alleviation. The bottom line is vigorously, and the per capita income of the poverty alleviation population has reached 14,369 yuan, an increase of%. Yu Xiuming, a representative of the National People’s Congress and Secretary of the Yichun Municipal Party Committee, said that in the process of comprehensively promoting the rural revitalization process, the problem of "who will plant land and who comes to the village" urgently needs to be resolved. He suggested that from the policy level to solve the problem of rural hollowing up, increase the cultivation of the "agriculture, rural" work team that understands agriculture, rural areas, and farmers, and gives out a strong policy to guide and provide support. For example, when recruiting township civil servants, appropriately tilted agricultural graduates, further expand the channels for rising cadres at the two levels of rural areas, improve the treatment of village cadres, and let them take root in the grassroots level.

Li Hongliang, the representative of the National People’s Congress and the mayor of Xinhe Town, Xinhe Town, Chai Sang District, Jiujiang City, the National People’s Congress of the National People’s Congress of the National People’s Congress this year. The four seasons orchards and livestock and poultry breeding bases have an annual output value of 35 million yuan.

The current Xinhe Town has become a characteristic town of honeysuckle planting, and the planting area is at the forefront of towns across the country. In the work practice of rooting at the grassroots level, Li Hongliang found that farmers generally lack the efficient channels for docking the market, and new Internet formats like Taobao Live can effectively help agricultural products from villages into the city and drive farmers to increase their income.

To this end, he proposed that he hoped to use the Internet platform to promote free training, send lessons to the countryside to improve the "new farmer" training system, and increase farmers to increase production and income. "I want to use the" strength "of the soil to pass on the" temperature "of the people’s livelihood, so that more folks will take the road of getting rich." Looking at the future of rural rejuvenation, Li Hongliang is full of affection.

The orderly promotion of "dual carbon" work to improve the quality of the ecological environment is green and ecological. It has a lot of space in the government work report. It is also the keyword of Jiangxi’s next step to achieve sustainable development.

Our province proposes to resolutely fight against pollution prevention and control, orderly promoting carbon peak carbon neutrality, effectively grasp the pilot of the value realization mechanism of ecological product, continuously enhance the ecological advantages, and accelerate the comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development.

Li Xiuxiang, a representative of the National People’s Congress and director of the Trade and Environment Research Center of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, believes that the orderly promotion of carbon peak carbon neutrality should be used to consider the development trend, industrial structure, and energy endowment of the province, and optimize and improve the timetable and route of our province. Picture, construction diagram. To this end, she raised a lot of "good ideas" during the two sessions: it is recommended that the national level speed up the introduction of carbon peak carbon neutralization solutions, set up special funds, support the development of energy conservation and carbon reduction demonstration; Cleaning coal power projects; it is recommended to accelerate the pace of the construction of the low -carbon logo certification system and accelerate the international standards … "Our enterprise attaches great importance to environmental protection, and ecological forest tourism factories are our new development direction." Speaking of environmental protection, the National People’s Congress representatives , Ping’an Ironics Ironics Technician Wen Fei talked.

Last year, Ping’an Iron and Steel vigorously promoted ultra -low emissions and transformation of enterprises, and invested more than 200 million yuan of the three -stage sintering machine flue gas treatment projects, which reached ultra -low emission requirements 4 years in advance from the national time limit. At the same time, the 50MW major "carbon reduction" power generation project is also planned to be put into operation this year. As a representative of the National People’s Congress, Wen Fei provides suggestions and suggestions in ecological environmental protection on the one hand, and actively publicized the development ideas of Pingxiang to build a "most beautiful transformation city", as well as enterprises to implement "water treatment, governance, dust control, and noise" the University. After the rectification, the earth -shaking changes have achieved good social effects.

Today, Ping’an Iron and Steel has a waste of scum and wastewater in the past. It has become an ecological park and orchard. A large number of tourists are received every year. Wen Fei said comfortably that the smiley faces when the children were close to nature in the factory were the greatest praise of them.

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