Friday, March 31

The 6th China Fisheries Science and Technology Conference successfully held the Four Seasons Mu Ge to win the "2022 China Aquatic Industry · Top Ten Science and Technology Innovation Awards"

The 50HP air energy heat pump unit heating the high temperature pool. When the temperature of the pool is less than the set temperature, the air energy heat pump is started to generate the heat provided to the water in the pool by the circulating pump to increase the water temperature; when the water temperature reaches the set temperature The air source thermal pump stopped working. Improve efficiency. The first -seater Muge industry’s first clean energy coupling intelligent operating system (CAS+) system is a digital tool based on energy supply cleaning system design. It is also the smart management of end customers. It can achieve the best comprehensive energy application in different scenarios through big data algorithms. To many scenarios such as work, agriculture, animal husbandry, and fishing, the CAS+system changed the previous project parties to only consider the current actual needs of the owner and cannot take into account the needs of follow -up business growth, as well as the disadvantages of re -construction and lightning. The requirements of many details such as quality are refined in depth, fully consider the actual operating characteristics of each field project and formulate solutions to greatly enhance the intelligence of project operation. At present, the Four Seasons CAS+System has been widely used in the fields of breeding industries, hotels, schools, hospitals, and energy conservation transformation.

Call, continue to upgrade products and technology, apply low -carbon clean energy comprehensive solutions to more breeding fields, and bring the gospel to farmers across the country. At the same time, the four seasons of Muge continued to make efforts in various vertical fields, invested in research and development, explored more accurate and applicable system solutions and applied to more and wider areas and engineering, and created a better life with all parties.

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