Friday, March 31

Beijing: All units and industries do well in management.

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, March 13th (Chi Mengrui) Today, Beijing held a press conference of the new type of coronary virus pneumonia.

Yang Peng, deputy director of the Beijing Disease Prevention and Control Center, reminded the general public to be in a critical period of epidemic prevention and control. Omikon’s mutant strain is more contagious and has a faster transmission. , Departments, units and individuals are responsible for all directions. All units and industries do well in personnel management. Recently, they must not be out of Beijing. They do not travel to the high -risk areas to travel or travel. Based on the health treasure green code, a nucleic acid test must be performed within 72 hours after arriving in Beijing.

After returning to Beijing, we must strengthen their own health monitoring. Without 7 days, do not dinner, no gatherings, and dense places for crowds to reduce the risk of communication.

If you know that you are close contact, you must report to the community immediately, obey management, and do not go out by yourself. Enterprises, schools, pension institutions and other dense places should do daily health monitoring and nucleic acid detection to prevent a gathering epidemic.

To strengthen the awareness of active reporting, there are intersections with cases of case activities, receiving health treasure pop -ups reminders, and personnel entering Beijing to report to the community immediately to cooperate with various prevention and control measures. Any unit or individual has the right to dissuade, stop the response measures, and disrupt emergency response to emergency public health events. If you are discouraged or stopped invalid, the public security organs or relevant departments may deal with it in accordance with the law. Those who violate public security management shall be punished by the public security organs in accordance with the law; if a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with the law.

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