Friday, March 31

Create a global flagship store cluster Sanlitun Commercial District welcoming a new round of transformation and upgrading

  Sanlitun Taikouli mainly plays the Modified block style. As a trend landmark in Beijing, the Sanlitun Commercial District ushered in a new round of transformation and upgrading.

The reporter visited yesterday and found that both iconic buildings located at the entrance of Taiku Lilin, Sanlitun are preparing for a new store. Adidas Asian flagship stores and trendy glasses Gentlemonster global flagship stores are about to appear.

This year, a bridge will also be built between the Taikoo West District of Sanlitun and the South District to enhance the connectivity of the neighborhood.

  Entering Sanlitun Taikoo Lili, the Spring Modern Party attracted a lot of tide people to check in.

The open neighborhood was lit by fashionable art devices, showing the new vitality of the modern block.

As the "first store harvester", it can always bring a special experience.

The bubble Matt Sanlitun store changed the previous black and yellow color matching. For the first time, it launched a metal silver -colored shop decoration style. This bubble Matt’s first special experience store in the country also set up punch -in walls.

The Life Aesthetics Museum Van, it is expected to introduce 6 high -level art exhibitions throughout the year, which continues to add artistic atmosphere to Sanlitun.

  The reporter noticed that some buildings in Sanlitun Taikoo Lili are being renovated. The renovation and upgrading project of Adidas Asian flagship store in the southern district has started in March and is expected to be completed in October this year.

The project will closely follow the two themes of double -carbon and Asian Cup to create zero -carbon buildings with environmentally friendly photovoltaic technology curtain walls and renewable building materials. With the movement of Uniqlo to Sanlitun Taikoo West District, the landmark buildings at the entrance of the South District will become the global flagship store of the world’s well -known trendy glasses brand GentleMonster.

  This year, the northern district of Sanlitun will also be fully upgraded. The international architectural master is invited to build China’s first top luxury global flagship store cluster in China to enhance Beijing’s global fashion influence.

In addition, in order to enhance the connectivity of commercial neighborhoods and enhance the landscape of the district, a bridge will be built between the Taikoo West District and the South District. It is planned to start construction in July and complete it by the end of the year. On the north side of the north of Sanlitun, a small building, which has been idle for many years, quietly transformed into Sanlitun#024 space. The entire building seems to be a space cabin, which gathers a variety of formats such as catering, tide, art exhibitions, music space, terrace bar, and each floor has different experiences. The title of a new consumer brand incubation base is also awarded here, and local brands#024 jar of bread have been incubated. In the future, various activities will be held here, which will continue to bring fresh consumption experience.

  According to Li Hao, deputy department head of the Business Circulation of Chaoyang District Commerce Bureau, introduced that Chaoyang District gave comprehensive support to the upgrade and transformation of key commercial districts.

Based on the positioning of the business district, make full use of the "Chao Chaoyang" IP, and organize the "Chao Chaoyang New Consumption" series to promote consumption activities. In order to promote the development of night economic innovation, the "Late Night Cafeteria" characteristic catering district intends to expand to six, further stimulate the potential for the upgrading of catering consumption, and help the construction of the main carrying area of ??the international consumer center city.

With the upgrading of the business district to promote the upgrade of consumption in the region, the consumption of Chaoyang District surrendered the high score answer sheet. The data shows that the total retail sales of social consumer goods in 2021 in Chaoyang District increased by 100 million yuan, an increase of%year -on -year, accounting for 483 first stores; Nearly 54%.

(Reporter Ma Jing).