Thursday, June 1

Can the fresh Ole enter the community reduce food waste?

  Aunt Wu, who lives nearby, led her grandson to buy food.

"Since this shop is opened, I rarely go to other places to buy food and meat. The price is really cost -effective." Aunt Wu’s vegetable basket quickly filled half of it.

  The reporter learned that this fresh Ole shop is a new format opened by Hema. Earlier, in order to cater to consumers’ pursuit of freshness, its "Daily Fresh" series promised to sell only one day. The opening of the fresh Ole store provides a special monopoly channel for the "Daily Fresh" food and other temporary products that day. "These fresh products are still guaranteed during the shelf life, and the quality is also guaranteed." Fresh Ole staff introduced that different discounts are set up according to the validity period of different categories and different products. The overall price will be lower than the average price of the same quality products. The price of some products is half cheaper than Hema Xiaosheng stores. The reporter found that 500 grams and 300 grams of strawberry and 300 grams of strawberries sold in ordinary Hema Xiansheng stores. In contrast, the same strawberry and 300 grams of strawberries in the fresh Ole shop are about 60 % cheaper. The strawberry that is just listed is fresh, but the selling phase is basically acceptable, so it becomes a sought -after goods in the store.

  A large number of temporary food no longer flows to the trash can in 2019. After a netizen at 9:30 in the evening, a netizen had witnessed the scene of Hema’s "large -scale removed food and throwing away". regret.

After this netizen sent the scene on Weibo, it caused a lot of heated discussion among netizens. Subsequently, many consumers found that Hema began to discount promotion in front of the store.

  Hema said that the new format of Fresh Ole was to help reduce the loss of stores and machining centers on the one hand, and on the other hand, to enter the sinking market. However, more information has not yet been disclosed for the actual effects of fresh Ole and future store opening plans.

  The Ai Media Consultation survey shows that a considerable part of China has high sensitivity to commodity prices, and the potential of the food market is huge. In 2020, China ’s food consumer consumers are 26 to 35 years old.

In the view of Wang Peng, an associate professor of Renmin University of China, in addition to self -employed products, Xianxian Ole can also integrate brand resources in a larger scale. On the one hand, it can meet market demand and improve the quality of life of residents. To maximize and achieve mutual benefit and win -win.

  Refined management guarantees that food safety is most worried about the quality of food. However, how long is it approaching the shelf life? How should I manage the duration of food? There is no unified national standard. According to supermarket practitioners, foods in the shelf life are generally eaten with confidence when they are stored properly, but if they do not meet the corresponding storage conditions during the sales process, they may deteriorate even during the shelf life.

If the food market needs to be sustainable, it is necessary to pay special attention to food safety and refined management to avoid the expiration of the period.