Friday, March 31

Handan Qiu County: The new life of the demolition and resettlement households

  With the continuous advancement of Shaxingzhuang’s relocation work, more and more villagers will become residents, and they will start a happy community life in urban transformation.

  In the home of the relocation household Jiao Peng, the three children were sitting around the sofa. The family said and laughed, and his wife Hou Wenjiao started a new day of cleaning with a mop.

Since moving upstairs in January this year, I will clean each room every day. Sometimes my children also do with me and enjoy the fun of labor. The changes in the new environment bring the changes in new habits. Good sanitation habits have a new look at the lives of new residents of Shaxingzhuang. It is understood that the demolition work of Qiu County is a project benefit project promoted by the county party committee and county government. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the project, Qiu County established a leading group in the relocation work of Shaxingzhuang Village. Wait for 7 special groups, and various departments have cooperated with their efforts to make a clear division of labor and perform their duties.

In order to help residents choose their favorite houses smoothly, the leading group of the relocation work of Shatinzhuang Village to build a deep investigation, accurately connect the needs of the indigenous residents, and make an excellent overall functional layout. According to the original house area, refine it to 58 square meters from 58 square meters By 140 square meters of multiple types of room types, to meet the actual choices of different families. With the acceptance of another new building in the relocation community, at present, the relocation house of Shaxingzhuang can meet the needs of all residents in the village. With the steady advancement of the third phase of Shaxingzhuang’s demolition work, the first 49 residents who completed the selection of houses have already lived in the relocated house, a happy and warm new house, and the dream of returning to the household.

  The resettlement of demolition households is a people’s livelihood project. The satisfaction of the people is our pursuit. Next, we continuously strengthen the construction of the greening and lighting project and infrastructure construction of the resettlement community, so that residents have a sense of happiness and gain. Cheng Chunhai, Secretary of the Party Committee of Xinmatou Town, Qiu County.