Friday, March 31

Guardian at the intersection of the "Y" intersection on the new channel of Yunnan and Tibet

The picture shows the police of the Sangjiu diligent diligence are inspected the past vehicles. Photo by Liu Chunwei, "Hello, this is the border management area. Please show your valid documents and cooperate with the opening box of the vehicle to receive border inspection.

According to the epidemic prevention and control, please also take the initiative to scan the inspection code.

"A standard saluting movement, lift your right hand and fall down." Thank you for your cooperation and wish you all the way.

"This is the actions that the Police of the Tibet Nilze Border Management Detachment Sang Jiu duty duty duty every day and the action of doing things every day. Chada County is located in the southeast of Tibet and the Tibetan Gorge of the Tibetan Canyon, which is transitioning from Himalaya and Hengduan Mountain. Provincial Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Deqin County and Zuo Gong County, Changdu City, borders Burmese and India in the south, adjacent to Mogu County in the west, and in the north with Qamdo City. Check.

 In recent years, Liu Chunwei has become an important way for many tourist enthusiasts to travel. The famous Yunnan -Tibet New Channel -Bingsha Line once became a "ceiling" for online celebrities and self -driving tour.

On February 20, 2020, the Lyingzhi Border Management Detachment selected excellent police officers and business backbones to set up a duty point at 15 kilometers away from Chadan County (National Highway 559 and National Highway New 219 at the intersection place). Pedestrians and vehicles in the new channel of Yunnan and Tibet for inspection. On one side of the door of the duty point, a drainage cup was neatly placed, and a large -scale kettle was placed next to it. "The kettle not only provides hot water for the police on duty, but also provides convenience for past pedestrian drinking. Some tourists can not replenish hot water in time because of their long journey and long journey, so they also provide convenience for them.

"Zhu Mengbang, a police officer on duty, said. The picture shows that the police of Sang Jiu duty are inspected the past vehicles.

 Liu Chunwei photographed personnel information registration, cargo inspection, Tibetan Yitong scan code, etc. Everyone’s work responsibilities are intertwined. In order to reduce intersection pedestrians and vehicles waiting time, everyone cooperates and cooperates closely. No one wants to be in their own. There are errors on the link.

On the side of the Y -shaped intersection, a row of simple board houses are the daily work, study, and living room of the police. In the board room, there is a special one with a variety of tools, which are mainly used for vehicle maintenance.

"Tourists who drove from Bingcharian line from driving in Tibet, due to the falling stone and other reasons, the vehicles were damaged or burst into tires, and they generally came to help us." Tu Dan asked, "At first we were in lack of experience and tools. There are also few, and people have to find someone everywhere.

Over time, the number of rescue times has been more and more experienced. Some police also buy some daily maintenance tools at their own expense and put them at the duty point for later use.

"The picture shows the diligence point of the Lying -Chi Border Management Detachment Sang Jiu.

 Photo by Liu Chunwei, "Our Sang Jiu duty is limited because of limited police force, and each policeman is fixed in a franchise position, but they always adhere to their positions, work hard and complain, and always put the lives and property of the people at all times. The first place, regardless of personal gains and losses, provides convenience for past pedestrians.

"Speaking of his work, Liao Hongbo, the head of the Lingzhi Border Management Detachment Sang Jiu, said.

(Liu Chunwei Xie Mu).