Friday, March 31

More details of the Dezhou shooting in the United States exposed children who may suffer their lives …

China News Service, May 26th. Comprehensive reports, the shooting of Robe Primary School in the United States killed 21 people. The latest case details disclosed by local law enforcement officers showed that at the time of the incident, the gunman once locked the classroom and then shot the teachers and students on the scene. According to the analysis, most of the students of Robe Elementary School are 7 to 10 years old, and the shooting may cause them to trauma for their lives. "They have no way to escape" more shooting cases. Details are disclosed. According to the latest case details released by Christopherology, a spokesman for the Public Safety Department of the United States. Shooting the teachers and students present.

After receiving the alarm, a tactical team composed of US federal police officers and local police officers forcibly entered the classroom and killed the gunmen.

Two police officers were hit by the gunman and sent to the hospital. At present, there is no danger of life. "The classroom is very small, and the specific number of students in the classroom is unclear, but it is about 25 to 30 people, which may be a little bit." Olvarez said, "In short, there is a group of children staying together, and there is a group of children staying together. They have no way to escape. "Before the gunman went to Robe Primary School for shooting, he shot at his grandmother who lived with him. Olivarez said that the grandmother’s grandmother was still alive, and the police were trying to understand the motivation behind the gun.

Most of the children who are under the age of 10 may cause trauma for a lifetime. For many shootings of many shootings, when describing the shooting incident, the only picture I remember is, the bullets are flying, glass cracks, classmates, classmates Blood full of blood … Local resident Eldus recalled that his nephew’s classroom was opposite to the gunner’s shot. "The nephew was only abrasion and cut, but he saw a friend shot by his own eyes." Sato worked near Robe Primary School. He saw an injured young girl from crying outside the school gate. The pink white top was full of blood. "They are just young children and should not be hurt.

"Some analysts said that most of the students of Robe Elementary School are 7 to 10 years old, and the shooting may cause trauma for a lifetime. A study by the University of Michigan in 2020 shows that the damage involved in guns has become the best in American children and adolescents. The main cause of death.

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