Friday, March 31

Jincheng: Do a good job

The current situation of the epidemic prevention and control is severe and complicated. In order to further compact responsibilities and strengthen measures, the Jincheng Epidemic Prevention and Control Office issued a notice a few days ago to do a good job of nucleic acid testing in key groups.

The classification requirements of key groups and nucleic acid testing are: First, first -tier staff such as high -speed rail stations, railway stations, inter -provincial passenger transportation, bayonet stations, dot -point shuttle vehicles, service areas, etc., conduct at the first point of the first place in the bayonet and field stations Sample, 1 day inspection of the staff in the service area, alternating nucleic acid and antigen detection. Among them, nucleic acid testing takes a 5: 1 mixing inspection, and the other staff are 1 a day for 1 day.

Second, medical institutions (except for individual clinics, factories and mining schools), supervisors, centralized isolation points, health stations, school teachers and students, etc., organize their own nucleic acid testing in their own units. The test takes 20: 1 mixed inspection, and completes at least two rounds of full -member nucleic acid testing per month. The centralized isolation point and the relevant personnel of the health stations are 1 day inspection, and the nucleic acid and antigen detection are used alternately. Other personnel 1 inspection for 1 day and a 5: 1 mixed inspection. Third, except for the school’s key groups (security, cleaning, custody, chef and other logistics personnel and other logistics personnel) per person, 2 days and 1 inspection, the farmer’s market, supermarket, production and processing enterprise, cold storage cold chain food practitioners, freight logistics cross -provincial multiplication Personnel, first -tier personnel, freight logistics, warehousing, front -line personnel, buses, taxis staff, online car deck staff, market supervision front -line staff, first -tier personnel, star hotels and kitchen kitchen , Dining rooms, front desk service staff, individual outpatient clinics, factory and mining medical office, etc., hold the nucleic acid test card to the square, park and other people to sample points for samples within the prescribed time. Check.

Fourth, the employees and home isolation objects of the nursing homes and welfare homes are sampled by the territorial prevention and control office. 1 day for 1 day to check, alternately adopt nucleic acid and antigen detection, and nucleic acid testing is adopted by 5: 1 mix.

At the same time, the test of nucleic acid tests of key populations should be "checked for all inspection". With 7 days as a cycle, 7 days of nucleic acid testing cannot be interrupted. Those who have not sampled as required are not checked in the yellow code for 1 day. Essence

After 7 days, do not do it after leaving the post for personal reasons.

In addition, there are personnel who vaccinate the new crown vaccine within 48 hours; medical staff who are engaged in the new crown vaccine in 72 hours; there are proofs that have proven persons who have been in a state of continuous leaving for more than 14 days; Personnel; those who have a long -term illness (leave) for more than 14 days; other special circumstances identified by the competent departments of various industries, no management measures that may not be performed without testing, and the above special circumstances should be reported in time.

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