Thursday, June 1

Hengqin "Macau New neighborhood" project completed the "positive and negative zero" node during the year

People’s Daily Online, Macau, April 25th (Reporter Fozi) Reporters learned from Macau Metropolis Renewal Co., Ltd. that after the completion of the pile basic project at the end of last year at the end of last year, the basement of the basement is currently under construction. Complete all the basement structures, that is, the "positive and negative zero" node.

The kindergarten and elementary school construction projects in the project have been fully launched in March this year. Health stations, elderly service centers, and family comprehensive service centers have also been constructed simultaneously. It is expected that residential buildings and people’s livelihood facilities will be completed in mid -2023. Hengqin’s "Macau New neighborhood" project is fully started in 2021. After completion, it can provide about 4,000 commercial houses and more than 200 talent rooms. There are 12 kinds of kindergartens in the community, elementary schools in 18 classes, health stations, elderly service centers, family comprehensive service centers, parking lots and other supporting facilities, and have public services extending to Macau. There are also 5,000 square meters of commercial area to attract merchants to settle in.

At present, the construction project is being promoted according to the construction plan. The 3103 irrigation piles have been completed last year. Nearly 20 tower cranes are under construction sites in order. This year, the construction of basement engineering, main construction engineering, refinement, road and greening facilities will be carried out to strive to complete the main structure of the main structure before the end of the year.

According to reports, the entire project covers an area of ??about 10,000 square meters and a total construction area is about 620,000 square meters. The 27 residential buildings in the project are connected to the wind and rain corridor, which is fully connected to facilitate the travel of residents. The design of the ground, street lights and railings in public areas integrates the southern European style, creating a living environment that concentrates on Macau.

After completion, it will connect public services such as Macau education, community services, and medical care.

The Hengqin’s "Macau New neighborhood" project will be built through a high -quality living circle to provide convenient conditions for Macau residents to study, employment, entrepreneurship, and life in the Greater Bay Area. (Entrance) (Editor: Cui Yue, Yang Mu) Share let more people see it.