Friday, March 31

Liaocheng to carry out the knowledge and regulations of retired soldiers and regulations

  (Reporter Xia Xuguang on April 18th, in order to strengthen the study of the laws and regulations of retired soldiers and create a good atmosphere of respecting the respected soldiers of the retired soldiers, forging a new journey and building a new era. The Municipal Judicial Bureau and Liaocheng Daily carried out our new era of the Liaocheng Cities’ Retired Military Law and Regulations and Knowledge Contest.

  The theme of our new era Liaocheng City Retired Military Laws and Regulations and Knowledge Contest is to learn laws and regulations to care for retired soldiers, to continue to grasp the publicity and implementation of retired soldiers with the "Retired Military Guarantee Law". Social influence and attention, strengthening the awareness of policy and regulations of retired soldiers, and inspiring the majority of retired soldiers to build a new era under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China.

The event time was on May 13th, the participants were the citizens of Liaocheng. Our new era Liaocheng City Retired Military Laws and Regulations and Knowledge Contests are divided into online single and offline group competitions.

The online single -player competition set the answer entrance to the Municipal Retired Military Bureau and Liaocheng Daily. Click the knowledge contest menu in the WeChat menu, select the citizen to answer the questions or in -system answers, and then enter the answer page Military Affairs Bureau and Liaocheng Daily QR code enter the answer page.

On April 18th, May 8th is the experience answer stage, May 9th, May 11th, the single -player final stage. Randomly extract.

There is only one chance of answering in the single -player final stage. Many answers are scored in the first answer, and some of the winners are evaluated. One first prize, a mobile phone and award certificate worth 3,000 yuan; 2 second prizes, won 2000 yuan tablet computer and award certificate; 10 third prizes, won 250mm of Beijing Olympic mascot ice pier in the winter 2022, Award certificate; 500 lucky prizes: 1. Value 100 yuan mobile phone call fee converted and issued the final interpretation right belongs to China United Network Communications Co., Ltd. Liaocheng Branch; 2. 1 ticket for Liaocheng Zoo Value 50 yuan organic fruit picking van. The offline group competition will be held on May 13 at the Liaocheng Daily Rong Media Center. It is divided into compulsory questions and answering questions. The top 6 entered the finals and live broadcast.

The first prize, 2 second prizes, and 3 third prizes.

Based on the participation rate and answering results in various localities, 3 outstanding organization awards are evaluated. The winners will be awarded honorary certificates and trophy.