Thursday, June 1

Inspirational! All 6 girls in "Xueba Dormitory" all succeeded in the postgraduate entrance examination

Recently, with the announcement of the results of the postgraduate entrance examination in 2022, the circle of friends and students of Suzhou College in Anhui Province were all screened by a message. A dormitory of the 2018 Hydrological and Water Resources Engineering of the School of Resources and Civil Engineering of the School of Resources and Civil Engineering all admitted to graduate students, including five 211 universities. Li Yue was accepted by Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology, Huang Jiajia was accepted by China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), Li Mengru was accepted by China University of Geosciences (Beijing), Guo Xue was admitted by China University of Mining and Technology, Yu Linghui was admitted by Chang’an University, Liu Jiali was by North China Electric Power University (Beijing ) Admission. The anchor’s target supports each other’s "guardians" on the road to postgraduate entrance examinations. They are from all over the world and gathered in the same dormitory. Six girls with different personalities have gone to the same excellence with their dreams.

After entering school, they started planning their own lives and planned to take a postgraduate entrance examination. After determining their goals, they moved forward.

On the way to the postgraduate entrance examination, they do each other’s "guardians" and encourage each other, start studying at 7 o’clock every day, and return to the dormitory at more than 10 pm.

Kung Fu is worthy of care. In April of this year, the results of the postgraduate entrance examination were announced. There were a lot of six of them, achieving the goals they made together. Rejecting anxiety and efficient learning allows the process of postgraduate entrance examinations to prepare for the examination.

Huang Jiajia said: "You have to quit the habit of touching your mobile phone during your studies. How long does it take to sit in the library for a day does not mean how long you have learned? time.

When learning pressure, don’t be too anxious, you can relax properly and relieve stress. "Yu Linghui believes that the collapse of the postgraduate entrance examination center is common. You can give yourself some time to relax. Don’t always read the anxious posts on the Internet. According to your own rhythm, compare it with yourself. There are qualitative changes.

"" The postgraduate entrance examination needs a invincible mentality. If you think, do it, do it immediately, don’t be afraid. "Li Mengru said. Paying attention to the development of comprehensive development, the Almighty" learning hegemony "has achieved today’s achievements, and the usual efforts are inseparable. Early, he will memorize words and go to the library for self -study on the weekend. Six students inspire each other.

They not only learn professional knowledge in class, but also actively expand their extracurricular practical ability. They actively participate in speech contests, English fun activities, fun games, etc., and constantly improve their comprehensive quality.

Good learning habits have also brought rich returns. Li Mengru said frankly that what his roommate wanted to say most thanked his roommate. Four years are fleeting. Fortunately, he can be a roommate with people who are in the minds, tolerance, and beautiful. pace.

Li Yue said that in college, they really treated each other and worked hard to inspire and support each other. It was pure and there would be no gap. The playgrounds, canteens, classrooms, and libraries all have their figures. They take class together, take birthday songs together, take beautiful photos together, eat hot pot together, chat together, explore every unknown corner in strange cities, become mutual companions to accompany each other Good friend. Guo Xue said: "The time I spent with everyone is my most precious memories. May we go to the future and return to the teenager.

If you go, you must meet each other at the peak. "The road is long, and the behavior is coming; it is endless, and the future can be expected. On the road of postgraduate entrance examination, they support each other, achieve each other, use action to interpret the school motto of" friendliness, learning, pragmatic, and progressive ", and weave it with sweat Out of their own youth scrolls, they eventually ushered in their tall and sea.

(Xu Hui Xing Xue’e).