Thursday, June 1

Celebrate the 91st anniversary of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army

General Secretary Xi’s 19th National Report of the 19th National Congress of the Party and the general requirements of the new era of the party, "the party’s political construction is strict." The construction of political construction is the construction of the army of the new era.

The 19th National Congress of the Party fully built socialist modern countries, and comprehensively promoted national defense and army modernization for strategic deployment for the road to persistence of China’s characteristics. The whole army must strengthen the mission, enhance the sense of worries and enterprising, and don’t stay in the time, just stronger the urgency of the times, accelerate the ability to improve the mission of the new era. A "Army Test", let the common tests given by the times, more awakely presented in front of us.

Leading cadres’ strategic thinking, todling, planning, work style, directly affecting the level of combat power construction, direct relations with officers and soldiers to live and die, war victory, and even country rise. From the truth of the German Trier Trier, in the hearts of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of China, they have become the torch of the people of the people’s army. This spirit, this is a power of the Nagah’s head bore; this spirit, this is the idea of ??jumping in the Gutian Conference bonfire; the Army Party Committee stares to fight against the party committee work, coordinating various work , Lowering the activities that are not in great relations with the training preparations, all the work returns to fight forces, reflect the combat power standard, in line with combat requirements.

The great era is in the great era, and the sacred mission, the whole army will use a firm loyal faith, strong mission, and considering a strong modern new Army new chapter.

Whether it is a war year or a peaceful period, the military poetry is in the forefront of the times with its justice, lofty, and magnificent aesthetic character. It has issued a tempura, leaving a lot of melts, blood and fire, strength and beauty classic poems. I especially hope to see more, writing to the great national tradition, such as the poetry, and the prosperous scene of Chinese and Western, foreign use, ancient use of poetry creation.

At the end of 2014, President Xi pointed out at the entire military equipment work meeting: "To adhere to innovation and driving development, keep up with the world military revolution, especially military science and technology development, advance planning layout, accelerating the development pace.

The people’s army walked through the 91-stage wind and rain journey, which was always in the guidance of the party’s flag, forgetting the initiative, remembering the mission, in order to realize the national rejuvenation, hind.