Wednesday, May 31

Chongqing delivery: party building work and production and operation is deployed, the same implementation, the same as the assessment

  People’s Network Chongqing on September 1 On August 30, Chongqing Administration Group held the 12th Party Committee in 2021, listening to the party’s party committee members to fulfill the "one post and double responsibility" to grasp the party construction work and the party style and clean government construction. At the meeting, Zhang Guohua, the party committee and chairman of the Chongqing Administration Group, stressed that it is necessary to take the initiative, the measures are powerful, and it is strongly controlled, compacting the responsibility; adhere to both hands to catch two hands, put the party construction work and production operations with the same deployment, the same implementation, Inspection, the same appraisal; earnestly fulfilled the responsibility of "one post and double responsibility", resolutely put an end to the formism of "paper on the" punctuality ".

  It is reported that members of the Chongqing Administration Group leaders in the quarter should report to the group party committee to perform the "one post and double responsibility" to grasp the party building and the party style and clean government construction.

Let each party committee members have been in place, the station is in place, and firmly establish a good job from severely administering the party. In order to further implement the comprehensiveness of the strict governance, the next Chongqing Administration will continue to strengthen the ideological consciousness and action of members of the group leaders and party committees. Strengthen business knowledge and political theoretical learning and unity, responsible for people, unified, development planning and team construction, enhance the integrated quality and enhancement of quality and improvement in quality. At the same time, it will press the firm responsibility, increase the inspection and supervision, strict accountability, and ensure that the implementation of the strict treatment party system is declined. (Hu Hong, Sun Qifan) (Editor: Qin Jie, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.