Thursday, June 1

Changchun City is fully committed to advance the implementation of college entrance examination comprehensive reform

  On November 1, the Changchun Municipal Government organized the mobilization of the city’s college entrance examination and mobilization and policy interpretation training.

The reporter learned from the meeting that Changchun City will focus on strengthening the construction of teachers, strengthening students’ development guidance, making basic conditions guarantee, etc.

  Jilin Province has begun to enroll in the high school students enrolled in the fall of 2021, and the comprehensive reform of the admission of ordinary colleges and universities.

  The comprehensive reform of the college entrance examination is a complex system engineering. Changchun City is launched in the Northeast Normal University, Changchun City, the first middle school, the first middle school, the first middle school to carry out a new high school new curriculum, implementing a national model school construction work. . After nearly two years of practice, a high school teaching reform model suitable for students’ development and suitable for the actual situation of Jilin Province. Changchun City Summary Demonstration School Experience, Coordination Education, Humanism, Finance and other departments, focus on key, complement short board, break through bottlenecks, strengthen basic conditions guarantee, and promote the popularity of high school education attacks, installment completion of ordinary high school Classroom, laboratory and other construction and related instrumentation equipment. At the same time, each school fully strengthens the construction of teachers. In response to the structural shortage of high school teachers from the selection course, we will do a good job in the preparation of faculty and workers, and timely supplement the school teachers. The human society will also prepare the stock, increase the teaching of teachers to prepare coordinates and cross-regional adjustments, and study the establishment of a high school teacher performance assessment method under the background of the new college entrance examination, and ensure the rational wage income of teachers. Students’ independent choice and personality development is the core goal of the integrated reform of the college entrance examination.

The school will strengthen students’ career planning guidance, guide students to choose the discipline combination configuration suitable for future departure and occupational planning according to their specialty of national needs and personal interests.

  Changchun City will also establish a government leading, education lead, multi-sectoral participation in the leading group and internal work promotion group.

According to the problem-oriented, special training, establish a "three-level five-story" training model, branch, county (city), school three, realize the training of administrators, principals, teachers, parents, and students.

Increased publicity, using the new semester parent meeting, theme class meeting, career planning course, etc., let parents and students fully understand the importance of the comprehensive reform of the college entrance examination, and create a good public opinion environment for the comprehensive reform of the college entrance examination. (Reporter Li Wenyao) (Editor-in: Ma Junhua, Xie Long) Sharing let more people see.