Thursday, June 1

Chongqing Wuxi: Carrying forward the cultural and cultural cultivation of the new era civilization

2021-12-01 Wuxi Civilization Network, in recent years, Chongqing Wuxi County passed the system construction, cultural heritage, village autonomy, and industry development "four songs", wide mobilization and incentive villagers to build a beautiful home, and promote rural residence. Taking the system construction as the core, open the new era civilization practice new situation Guanlu Town Guanfeng Village Branch always put the "two committees" team in an important position, innovation proposes "excellent image" "留 口 碑" "3 results" three teams work The standard, the lead in leaving the people of all party members, so that the whole village has been screwed into the "one rope", forming a new situation of "branch, and the masses follow". At the same time, the "Three Three Three Four" Claims Certificates Party Construction Work Law, through the way "in-service party members with effect confirmation, hunting party members, the position of the mobile party members", effectively play the party members’ pioneering model. Guanfeng Village and Village Art Performance Team jointly organized and educated activities, realizing "laughing and laughing in policies." Use the village studio, Xiandang, and Xiangxian List to carry out "basic face-to-face", moral forum, learn advanced typical activities, take the online combination line, and build a new platform for party members.

  Guanfeng Village creatively carried out the party building construction, with a group construction, women construction work, extensive organization to carry out activities such as "Youth Volunteer Service Team", "Women’s Volunteer Cleaning Service Team", guide youth, women’s masses will drive love, people People compete for volunteering models. Taking cultural inheritance as the core, build a new era civilization practice main position in the town of Guanfeng Village, Xiaode Culture, Town, Xiaofeng Village, and created the "filial piety" cultural activity base.

Building a hundred meters, Xiandu Cultural Promenade, Xiaowu, regularly invited the propaganda cadres and the virtue of the virtue to tell the villagers to tell the filial piety story, selection 10 "Filial Piety", and set up a "filial piety" fund, for the year Old people aged 80 through birth, let villagers feel "filial piety" and practice "filial piety".

At the same time, the "good wife, good in-law", depleted glorious households, the most beautiful integrity, etc. Take the traditional excellent culture as a carrier, tree home style, and love.

The craftsmanship hangs in the farmers, using promotional positions such as moral lecture halls, adolescents, parent schools, and launches "new buds" summer classrooms, organizes college students and village volunteers, for more than 80 Students carry out counseling courses, cultivate the excellent product of minors patriotism, respecting the elderly, people, Mingde, Shangxue; this year, during the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the village committee open office provides computer network class for difficult family students, solving problems such as children. . Taking patriotic education as a carrier and cultivating his family.

Carry out "Dragon Boat Festival" thanksgiving, organize the town village cadres and poor households together, eat a bitter sweet rice, tell the poor to poverty alleviation, excitation poverty points to the poverty reduction; in the 100th anniversary of the party, Chairman Mao’s birth, etc. Red time nodes, organize to revisit the party vows, watch the patriotic education activities such as red movies. Taking the villagers autonomy as the core, open the new era civilization practice main battlefield to promote democracy to improve the participation. Guanfeng Village attempts to transform the village committee to the guidance of the village committee, adhere to democratic agents, democratic decision-making, financial disclosure, guide the villagers to exercise the right to choose the right, and will want to do business, the rural energy candidates of the people can be promoted to the village committee team. Create a municipal "Women’s Home" and as a village Women’s League, carry out the "double learning double-than-than-than-than-than-than-than-than-than-than-than-than-than-than-year" activity, and cultivate a number of activities to participate in agricultural production and entrepreneurship.

  Push share enhances to give sense.

Established the Guanfeng Village Fund Mutual Association, adhere to the principle of poverty alleviation, voluntary, mutual assistance, cooperation, development, helping villagers to solve problems such as planting, breeding funds. A total of 159 members of the village, including 79 poor households, integrating capital,000 yuan. Improve the use of funds, cultivate the awareness of the villagers’ democratic management and integrity.

  At present, Guanfeng Village has won the national civilized village, national ecological cultural village, China’s most beautiful casual country, national rural tourism key demonstration village, Chongqing Rural Civilization Tourism Demonstration Village, Chongqing Top Top Tourism, Chongqing Advanced Grassroots Party Organization, Chongqing Drunk More than 20 honorary titles, such as the US village, successfully created the national 3A scenic spot, and fully demonstrate the beautiful view of "Spring listening to birds and winter, the worship, and the morality", let tourists really see the landscape, remember to live Township, stay in the hometown.