Thursday, June 1

100 days! Heilongjiang Province 100 major projects entered the "Summer Conference War"

  The reporter learned from the Heilongjiang Provincial Major Project Office that from June 1st to September 10th, Heilongjiang Province launched a hundred major projects "Summer Conference Wars", concentrated time, centralized resources, centralized scheduling, concentrated strength, and more powerful measures, concentrated It will fight for 100 days, grab the acceleration in June, fight in July, fight the new height, fight in August, rush out of the "four rates" in September, and realize the construction speed of the 100 major projects and quality.

  The "Summer General Assembly War" main attack project starting rate, investment completion rate, funds in place rate, and completion rate. "Quad Rate" is 90%, 80%, 80%, 100%, respectively.

It is necessary to persist in dispatch a week, half a month, in January one, publicly bright "transcript", "four rate" all the standards are praised, the ranking of the city (ground) should be dried, realization "all year big competition , Project theory hero. " In terms of staring on the target, the municipal (land) government and the lead department should decompose the battle target to the project, and the monthly project decomposition monthly investment goals, invert the construction period, the map operation, and the monthly assignment, especially the ability to touch the ability , Major projects that can produce economic increments should focus on advancement, scientifically prepare the shortest period scheme, compact the task to the team, enhance the work and penetration, and implement project construction ", there is progress every day, Zhou Zhou has changed, the month and month ", Accelerate to form effective investment.

  In terms of strengthening services, Heilongjiang Province 100 major projects fully advocate innovative measures such as "three letters", lack approval, and lack approval, the project approval department should take the initiative to take action, and ensure that project approval is completed.

The hundred major projects have fully implemented the "four minus" initiatives, approval and security department actively actively, doing innovative initiatives such as sequencing, reduction, mining links, reduced contact, etc., maximize pressure, and promote project approval and protection. The 100-year-old project is fully universal, and the elements are guaranteed to actively serve the department, and the project is docked, surrounded by people, land, money, skills, and number. In terms of compaction responsibility, the 100 major projects have vigorously implemented the three-year war effectively catering and propulsion mechanism, and the three-level linkage mechanism of the provincial and municipal counties, and accelerate the advancement of the project to be completed, and resolutely put an end to the semi-pulling engineering.

Strengthening the information platform grabs, satellite image capture, the APP implantation is tracked, the funds are grasped, the land supply grasps the "five grasps" means uncomfortable, strengthen the dispatching work, coordinate the difficulties, promote landing project early start working , Starting the project early production, and the production project is early to achieve. (Reporter Xu Jiaqian) (Editor: Wang Sidi, Wang Yan).