Wednesday, May 31

A total of new energy storage industries will join hands with multiple companies and research institutes to develop new energy

  Great Wall Network · 冀 云 网 November 16 (Reporter Li Huiying) On November 16 The protocol site centralized signing. Eight cooperation agreements include a total of nickel-hydrogen, lithium-orifted storage, intelligent source system projects, and build new energy + energy storage sharing storage charge charger, build national energy storage industry development and application demonstration base, help urban green low-carbon high quality development Project, build a new energy storage industry chain of Baoding National High-tech Zone, build new energy power combined with innovation laboratories, formulate distributed photovoltaic power station standards and guide distributed power plant industry health and orderly development, etc., for the promotion of new energy and intelligence Application innovation and project incubation in the grid field, building a national intelligent grid industry pilot zone with international influence, and energy Internet construction demonstration zone is of great significance. Baoding Municipal Party Secretary Party Xiaolong introduced, developing new energy storage, Baoding has a unique foundation and condition.

The 12th Party Congress of Baoding has established a new chapter of China’s electric valley, low-carbon Baoding, accelerating the formation of national carbon and industries, and the energy power industry will develop in Baoding. It is understood that, at present, Baoding New Energy Presidential Capacity is 10,000 kilowatts, accounting for %% of the capacity of new energy general-decreasing machine in southern Hebei, accounting for%. It is estimated that by 2025, Baoding New Energy installed will break through 7 million kilowatts, accounting for% of the total amount of installed installed, the distributed photovoltaic penetration rate will reach%.

This year, the National Energy Bureau vigorously promoted the development of roof distributed photovoltaic county, and five counties in Baoding were listed as pilot counties and distributed photovoltaic development will usher in a more favorable external environment.

In particular, the national grid company, the national network Hebei Electric Power in Baoding set up a pilot, fully constructs clean low-carbon, safe controlled, flexible, intelligent, and open interactive power system.

Therefore, the Baoding Energy Industry has broad development space and market prospects.