Wednesday, May 31

Beijing Changping "two districts" construction a year 82 key projects

Original title: Changping "two districts" construction a year 82 key projects landing this newspaper (Reporter Li Zewei) Changping District Yesterday, I held a "two district" to build a first anniversary press conference. Beijing Youth President learned from the meeting, in the past year, Changping has a leading industry from scientific and technological innovation, policy innovation, service innovation, etc., and has attracted more than 1,100 key industrial sector enterprises. Collecting Changping, 56 district-level innovation policies landing, nearly 100 market entities enjoy policy bonus, "two districts" 82 key projects realize 26 key projects in landing and Xiaomi Phase II, and 29 projects successfully signed. In the field of medical and health, "Life Valley", which is the core of Zhongguancun Life Science Park, has become an innovation engine for Beijing Medical Health Industry Development, a group of frontier breakthrough products entered the clinical, a group of innovative drugs approved, a group of first products continue Emergence, a group of original achievements to help the technology war "epidemic". In the field of advanced energy, Changping District relies on the "National" brand energy enterprise R & D institutions that agglomerate the Future Science City "Energy Valley", accelerating centralized cooperation, build green energy technology collaborative innovation platform, accelerating the housing capacity and energy Internet industry clusters.

In the advanced intersection, Changping District supports Beiqi Futian and other group deposit projects to expand capacity, guaranteeing a number of new projects such as Xiaomi Phase II, Futian Cummins, Sanyi Zhizhi into the world "Lighthouse Factory", the city’s advanced wisdom The product cluster is initially utensil.

Focusing on the "two districts" technology innovation, there are more than 1,100 enterprises in Changping District have gathered in biomedicine and advanced energy key industries.

Since the launch of the "two districts", Changping District has also surrounded the business environment, accelerating the high-efficiency of major projects, attracting a batch of breakthroughs, high-profile role, and regional development positioning, as of now, " The two districts "key items are 168 in the library, of which 82 projects achieve landing, 26 projects start construction, and 29 projects have successfully signed. In the construction of "two districts", Changping District improved major project service mechanism, among them, "Xiaomi Phase II" project passed the high level, the urban linkage, explore the introduction of an early pre-trial, parallel approval, and lack of renewal and other innovation practices, and land acquisition The procedure is compressed from nearly 276 days to 49 days, and the precedent of "completing a number of approval missions a day", achieving "landing of the land", created major project land acquisition, land supply and landing "Changping Speed" .

At the same time, the international research hospital project in "Life Valley" is the country’s first international research hospital project, which has completed 80% of the total amount of work. In the first half of the year, the total production value of Changping District was completed with billion yuan, a year-on-year growth.

From January to July, the total industrial output value was completed, and the year-on-year increased, ranking fourth in the city.

Regional economic development has been well operating, and the industry is constantly consolidated. The market vitality is fully excited, and the new development pattern is accelerated. (Editor: Mensus, Bao Congying) Share more people to see.