Tuesday, January 31

50 defeated Guizhou Chengdu Rongcheng to return to the top three before the league

Original title: 5: 0 Defeated Guizhou Chengdu Rongcheng Returned to the League 3 December 5, 2021 Chinese Football A League ushered in the 30th round of contest.

Chengdu Rongcheng 5: 0 wins the Guizhou team, not only acquires two consensus winning in the fourth stage, but also flatten the third Zhejiang team of the previous ranking League, with the advantages of net win ball, force Zhejiang team, re- Go back to the top three of the league.

  Chengdu Rongcheng, a change in the fourth stage, 1 flat and 1 losses since the finals, 3: 1 clean and neat defeated the Zhejiang team, a sweep, returned to the track, the team morale got great encouragement .

This faces have won the only choice for Chengdu Rongcheng. More importantly, before the start of this game, the third Zhejiang team before the ranked League 1: 2 is not enemy of Wuhan three towns, left to Chengdu Rongcheng’s best chance.

  Because the gap between the two parties is large, this game has almost no suspense.

Liu Ruoyan, Leonardo, Rolmulo et al., Helping Chengdu Rongcheng finally defeated the opponent at 5: 0 scores, and obtained the first two consecutive win since the finals.

This game, Chengdu Rongcheng main coach Xu Zhengyuan has received significant effects, while re-activating Leonardo and Liu Ruo vanadium, Luo Mumo’s injury returns to good, and clarifying a team with strong The correct and effective ideas of the team, the status of the core of Romorelo is greatly showing and consolidated. After the end of this round of competition, Chengdu Rongcheng has a 62-point ranking League third, although there is a gap between Wuhan three towns ranking second, in the event of 4 rounds of the league, Chengdu Rongcheng has not lost directly Super hope.

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