Wednesday, May 31

Bring speeding through trade port construction with new kinetic energy (on-site review)

  Vigorously support the development of new energy vehicles and industrial development, is based on new energy, artificial intelligence, etc. Development, new energy vehicles have become the main direction of the transformation of the global auto industry. Not long ago, 2021 World New Energy Auto Conference was held in Hainan.

Many participants are optimistic about the future of new energy vehicles, and optimistic about Hainan’s development, and believe that the Hainan market prospects are broad. Hainan under the moment is one of the most populated areas of new energy vehicles in the country.

The data shows that as of the end of August this year, the new energy vehicle in Hainan has exceeded 90,000 vehicles, accounting for%; in August this year, Hainan’s new energy vehicle registration volume increased year-on-year, including more than 85% of the individual users. As of the end of August, Hainan Province has built more than 8,000 charging piles this year, with a total of 10,000, basically realizes the trap, and cooperates.

According to the planning of Southern Power Grid Hainan Power Grid Corporation, by 2025, Hainan plans to build a charging pile, 430 public boosting power stations, and realize all urban counties and east lines, West Lines, and the center of the highway.

Growth momentum, clear planning, vast space, Hainan not only has great potential, but also continuously promotes new energy car consumption and industry "double upgrade" on the new level. Since the launch of trade-wide construction, Hainan develops heavy responsibility.

This is a major principal of Xi Jinping personally planned, personally deployed, personally promoted, and promoted major initiatives, and the party’s central international international two majorities, in-depth research, overall consideration, and scientific planning.

The "Hainan Free Trade Port of Hainan Free Trading Port" issued by the State Council, which clarifies the strategic positioning of Hainan Construction to deepen the reform and opening up test area, the national ecological civilization test area, the international tourism consumption area and the national major strategic service support area, "focus development Tourism, modern service industry and high-tech industries.

This means, in-depth implementation of the concept of development, highlighting the characteristics in the accelerating the construction of new development patterns, in order to ensure the right direction of Hainan’s trade-out, the hooves are steady, enhance the overall benefits of reform and development. The weaknesses of the Hainan industry are weak, in terms of infrastructure, industrial support, government and tax support capabilities, as well as the number of talent reserves, R & D institutions and colleges, and have certain disadvantages compared to developed provinces. Seizing the opportunities of the trade-off construction, we must "reach the reform and innovation, expand the development space, speed up the short board, and go out of a green low-carbon development.

At the beginning of this year, the Hainan Provincial Government clearly implemented the reduction and reduction of carbon coordinated mechanism during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, and implemented carbon capture application projects, and carbon-up peaks in advance.

From this perspective, in the non-manufacturing industry, Hainan, non-automotive production, strong support of new energy vehicles and industrial development, is the entry point of new energy, artificial intelligence, etc., driving accelerates the construction of trade-trade-Hong Kong, Injection driving force in advances high quality development. The manufacturing industry is the main battlefield of the new round of technology revolution and industrial change, which is also giving birth to new products, new models, new formats, and new industries. Keep up with the trend of the times, grasp the development opportunity, including many places in Hainan, can experience the road, intelligent network automobile testing, car network, green travel ecosystem, etc. in the intelligent network test experience, great exhibition skill.

Implementing the new development concept, it is necessary to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing, to achieve high quality development, to deepen the structural reform of supply side, speed up quality change, efficiency change, dynamic change, and comply with the new advantage of the times and develop new advantages. At the opening ceremony of the 2021 World New Energy Automobile Conference, Hainan Province is the main responsible comrades, sincerely welcomes the global new energy automog enterprises to grasp historical opportunities, actively layout Hainan, invest in industrial, and develop together. The change brings new opportunities and cooperation leads to the new future.

With new energy savings, the new development of new energy can be promoted with new movements, struggling to accelerate the construction of trade – Hong Kong, Hainan must write a new chapter in high quality development in hot practice and exploration.

  (The author is the reporter of Hainan Branch).