Thursday, June 1

Anyuan Medicine: High-end price drug is not a dream

During the epidemic, Dr. Li Qiang first focused on neutralizing antibody research and development, the whole spent 5 years, and finally thought.

Anyuan Medicine has formed a self-unique technical platform that made the prototype of the development of the water into the water.

Dr. Li Qiang, who is old, is grateful: "Thank you for my cooperative, seven or eight listed companies that I have cooperated, have a deep exchange of cooperation from different levels and the depth of product development, so today I have us. Harvest. "Today, with its own research and development of CHO production of cell line high-efficient development platform, high-pro-affected antibody creation platform, ultra longitude protein design platform, specific double anti-technology platform, etc., Anyuan Medicine completed more than 30 antibodies and long The conceptual verification of protein drugs is rigid, 4 enters the clinical stage product line, and 5 clinical declarations are expected to complete in 2020. In the past eight years, from 2 people’s insistence on a group of pharmaceuticals, Anyuan Medicine has won the national science and technology department’s ninth China Innovation and Control Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Professional Group Wance Award, Shanghai Patent Pilot Enterprise, Pudong Honors such as "Postdoctoral Research Workstation Station". Anyuan Medicine’s long-acting coagulation VIII factor is also the only product in China that enters the clinical product. It is expected to be listed after two years; August, Anyuan Medicine AP025 non-alcoholic fatty hepatitis (NASH) innovative biological drugs become the world’s first entry into the clinic The full natural FGF21 long-acting protein is also the first to enter the clinical long-acting FGF21 product from China’s biomedical enterprises.