Thursday, June 1

Beijing Pinggu Plans to build a world casual valley will launch a batch of net red card

People’s Daily November 19th (Dong Zairui) On November 18 Form 2 to 3 flagship exhibitions with global influence, 3-5 farmhouse events, Jingjiao first store, Pinggu first store reaches 30 more. Tang Chao, deputy director of Pinggu District, introduced that Pinggu District plans to implement world leisure valley landmarks, high-end consumption supply, consumer spatial layout optimization, digital consumption innovation lead, agricultural production consumption, innovation, strong chain, Wen travel consumption level upgrade, sports consumption quality Enhancement, education medical spending potential has increased, and the optimization of modern circulation system is improved, and the quality of consumption enhances "top ten actions".

Among them, strive to achieve more than 30% of the total consumption of tourism and leisure, currently in the comprehensive logistics hub service to protect the capital function, and the role of radiation of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei has been significantly enhanced, and the regional consumption level and satisfaction index are significantly improved. Tang Chali said that Pinggu District will settle in Pinggu as an opportunity to settle in Pinggu, the Asia-Pacific Center headquarters, continue to do a good job in China and Beijing Leisure Conference, and build Jinhai Lake Town to become a well-known meeting, shopping consumption and leisure tourism characteristics.

At the same time, actively practice the construction concept of the whole domain tourism demonstration area, focus on the development layout of "one lake and two rivers and a multi-point", adhere to the "mountain area to do traffic, urban exocial storage", focus on the construction of leisure economic zone on the river, the river , Carefully create a batch of high-quality rustic springs, idyllic complexes, boutique people, launching the 10,000 acres of peach blossom sea, thousands of acre of rapeseed flower field, "accompanied by river riding home" slow system and other net red card , Strengthen leisure products, innovate all kinds of casual works, continue to polish "peach-drunk flat valley" brand, and strive to build the flat valley into a year of smoke-free leisure workshops and the quality life of the public.

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