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Cold, eat anti-inflammatory drugs or eat Victor C? Tell you the answer today.

The most likely ill, many people have their own treatment for a cold: someone will eat anti-inflammatory drugs; some people will go to the pharmacy to buy white plus black or hundreds of clothing; some people like to take large doses of vitamin C; Some people like to eat a bunch of medicinal medicines & hellip; & hellip; I will reveal today. What is ordinary colds and influenza (flu)? What we often say, generally refers to ordinary colds, mostly caused by nasal virus / pair nose virus infection, the main clinical symptoms are expressed in nasopharyngeal, nasal congestion, swallow, cough, etc., generally no body Sex high heat and muscle soreness. The general cold can be onset throughout the year, and there is a number of times in one year.

The flu is caused by the influenza virus, which is good to be in winter and spring, strong infectivity.

The symptoms of the flu are systemic: high heat (up to 39 ° C), afraid of cold, sore throat, headache, full body muscle soreness, early streaming nose. The flu disease is usually about 7 days. How does ordinary colds and flu choose drugs? First of all, if it is ordinary cold or flu, most of them are infected by viruses, which are autonomous diseases, that is, even without drug treatment (ourselves), generally more than 7 days. However, you can’t underestimate this little cold. Many viral myocarditis are often induced by a cold, and often in adolescent groups, the most serious consequences are sudden death in a short period of time.

Therefore, the treatment of colds should pay attention to it, of course, the method is scientific.

The most important treatment of colds is to rest, on the basis of hot water, more sleep, against the body’s resistance, and defeat viruses.

Even if there is a virus myocarditis, it is also under drug-assisted treatment and doctor monitoring, so that young people stay in bed at risk period.

Different people have different performances: Mei Lin). 2 If you cough, you will eat cough drugs, such as right Mei Salifen. 3 If sneezing, the symptoms of snotting are clear, eat some blood (chlorobenafamin) or Xipercizine, loratadine.

About compound cold medicines (including antipyretic, pain relief, anti-allergy, cough, excitement, etc.) To note: 1 Many people have a single cold symptoms, do not necessarily have the above performance, so compound cold drugs are not the best Choose, single drug symptomatic treatment is better.

2 Eating a cold medicine will not shorten the course, just improve the symptoms of uncomfortable. 3 Different compound cold medicines contain the same or similar ingredients, avoid causing the efficacy or shortening the course of treatment, while eating a variety of compound cold medicines (including Chinese medicine with western medicine components). The flu vaccine can effectively prevent influenza, high safety, high-risk season, elderly, children, and body weak friends should actively inoculate.

Is it useful to eat anti-inflammatory drugs such as amoxicillin? Amoxicillin and other anti-inflammatory drugs (professional saying that antibacterial drugs or antibiotics) are effective for bacteria (such as inhibiting the formation of cell walls) infection, viruses (no cell walls without cell wall) of the protein shell + nucleic acid.

Therefore, it is useless to eat amoxicillin at all.

Moreover, antibacterial drugs such as amoxicillin increases the resistance of bacteria.

Of course, some patients themselves have chronic sinusitis. Once they have a cold, it is easy to cause sinusitis, or once the cold is prone to tonsil infection, the suppurative, under the guidance of medical staff, during the cold, it is possible to apply bacterial sensitive antibacterial drugs (such as Amoxicinlaviate, etc.). This is the complication of colds, and the cold caused by the virus is no effect.

What kind of fake cold medicines need to be cautious? Many people like to use some fake cold medicines or remedies when they have a cold. For example, some false propaganda said that composite vitamins enhance resistance, large doses of vitamin C (effervescent sheets) can prevent and treat colds. But these effects did not get clinical confirmations. Of course, some people recommend drinking all kinds of ginger tea to treat colds. Drink more water, whether it is a drink or tea, frequently go to the toilet, promote the discharge of metabolic toxins in vivo, can reduce cold symptoms, which is conducive to body recovery. In short, encourage everyone to drink more water, rest more, and defeat your cold as soon as possible. (Original title: I have a cold to eat anti-inflammatory drugs or eat VI. Today, I will tell you the answer) Source: Science China WeChat blessing process Editor: TF010 Special statement: The content of the above article only represents the author or other institutional media point, does not mean Beijing News Web view or position. If the content, copyright or other issues are pleased to contact the Beijing News within 30 days after the work is published, see the website contact information.