Thursday, June 1

A banner with a thank you letter to take a touching traffic person story

The 83-year-old man sent a banner and thanks to the law enforcement. The Fujian Provincial Traffic Law Enforcement Corps is provided on the morning of July 23, the Ningde Expressway Detachment, the Ningde Expressway Detachment, the Ningde Expressway Detachment, Ningde East, who sent the banner and thanks to the squadron’s law enforcement.

The old man hit the hand of the law enforcement team, and said "savior", this is this? Things have to come up from three days … July 20th, Liu Feng, Daddyzhong Captain Liu Feng, is leading the inspection of the law enforcement workers, and Liu Chenhui launched a pavement security hazard investigation.

When the vehicle is driving to the Ningde Bridge, there is a pedestrian on the emergency lane, which is an old man who is white, and law enforcement officers immediately pick up the car.

Understanding, the old man named Yao Long, has been 83 years old, in more than forty years in the troops, is a retired cadre of Ningde Jun. On the morning, he went to the high-speed traffic police four brigade to visit the son who came to work, he wanted to return to the home of the bus to the back of the post to the back of the post, unexpectedly lost direction.

When the law enforcement was discovered, he had gone at the high speed for more than an hour, but he didn’t know how far from home, the poisonous sun was sunny, and the sweat was back. I learned that the old man was born to high speed and the old age was high, and the law enforcement driver sent him to the bus hub station. He left the old man asked the name of the law enforcement staff. To give you a thank you letter.

The lawnman thinks that this is just a small thing that can be able to do, so that the elderly don’t have to care, and waved goodbye to him. However, this matter, Mr. Yao is more difficult to don’t have night. If he doesn’t meet traffic law enforcement officers in the road, he may be sun-to-heat stroke, and he is in the pouring asphalt road, and the consequences are unimpeded, he wants personally Thank you for helping his highway law enforcement personnel. Before he, he once quietly recorded the inspection car number. He let the friend find the unit of the car number, found Ningde Expressway law enforcement, and found the Ningde East China team on the next day, to find a law enforcement personnel who helped him. Express gratitude. (Editor: Lin Dongxiao, Zhang Zijian).