Wednesday, May 31

Do a "good seed" – Wuxi Huishan Pinghu Experimental Primary School Yuan Longping Shuangquen Creation Documentary

Modern Express News (correspondent Yu Xuan) Every young pioneer has a hero dream, and Wuxi Huishan Pinghu Experimental Primary School Five (3) Squadron’s team members are no exception.

They love the hero, respect the hero, learn the hero, so decided to create a "Hero Squadron" to inherit the red gene with their own actual action. Which hero is the hero of the Squadron? The heroic deeds are found through the network, books, and newspapers, and the students have deepened the understanding of the heroes, so that the hero’s complex is rooted in the deep spirit of the team. At the team, the players recommended their own heroes. Everyone was touched by Dong Cunrui. It was convinced that the Zhongnan Mountain’s epidemic is currently the courage of Wuhan, and I feel the great dream of Yuan Long Ping’s grandfather "hybrid rice covers the global".

Voted, everyone decided to create "Yuan Long Ping Squad". The history of the party, focus on practice. Pinghu real education from the "class" "book" truly into his life.

Two times came to Wuxi Huishan Urban Agricultural Park twice, and explored the story of rice by personal practice. "The rice here is modern planting, management, harvesting, only 700 pounds from the previous acres of land, now there is 1200 ~ 1300 pounds in one acre." The players listened to the Jiangsu labor model Zhang Jianqiang told "100 acres of Liangtian" The past is now. "

Subsequently, the players took off a full of rice raising, peeling the rice husk, showing white jade rice, the curious player gold taste: "Teacher, this rice is delicious!" Looking at the field of the field, this is a lively scene, The players are not idle, some people have simply imitate the scarecrow, some people take the brush record this beautiful moment.

In order to let more people understand Yuan Long Ping, studying Yuan Longping spirit, the team members also walked into various squadrons and using the flag ceremony to carry forward the "Yuan Longping spirit". Pinghu real-small "Yuan Long Ping Squad" will follow Yuan Grandpa’s footsteps, cultivate strong sincere patriotic feelings, persevere, continue to carry out a series of activities to approach Yuan Long Ping, like he is a dream, forever Chasing people! related suggestion.