Thursday, June 1

A principal party to adhere to: early heart is still time goes by

The picture shows the interview team president Hu Yi.

China Netcom correspondent Zhang Siqi youth photo harbor peach matter of "life" first "From 2015 to now, I have been president for six years already." Hu Yi said these words, his face is still fine, clear. From 1999 to join the cause of education to become a teacher since, Hu Yi’s heart and the beginning of the mission would never change: teaching, not to abandon the process of teaching, do not give every child.

In addition to co-ordinate the size of the school day affairs as president, he was a dedicated teacher – lessons, correcting homework, always pay attention to children’s lives and learning of children left behind, the psychological state underachiever.

Because weak teachers, school teachers liquidity of large, existing teachers and a serious aging problem, almost every year, has retired teacher, Hu Yi and the rest of the teachers can only stir up the important task: different grades and disciplines each year rotation, a person with multiple doors. Despite the grim task of teaching, Hu Yi still believe that "every child is every family’s hope." Whether as a principal or a teacher, he always will be the focus of the work as a student, "will put our children first in our daily lives."

The picture shows the Gang Hu elementary school teacher’s desk. China Netcom correspondent Zhang Siqi youth photo pull together boost growth last year came from Hu elementary school to post today, all the changes happening around us but also to Hu Yi sigh. He always uphold the concept of student-based, but also as a requirement for teachers. Even difficult teaching or work experience, Hu Yi also led teachers to work together, heart to a thought, a force to make, "the past two years, teachers have become strong cohesion, enthusiasm for work to improve the school wind ethos style of study classes are constantly improved.

"In this one, the best thing is to let Hu Yi happy school children’s sports performance has been significantly improved," Last year our school sports in the province’s poor ranking test, in the countdown, after this year’s focus change and the efforts of all teachers and students, we tested made great progress in this year’s physical, ranking in the province is also the front.

"Walking in the campus, passing the children are filled with smiling faces and greet Hu Yi, he also kindly return, carefully told each child safety.

When asked if he remembered the names of all the students, he gives a positive response.

"Because I think the kids and familiar is necessary, usually dealing with the children will be more, so the kids and I get along good, too.

"Green Zijin Shining Diamonds in the Rough," you come, be sure the kids happy.

"This is the teaching mission Hu Gang came to school to hear the first sentence. Hu Yi told, nearly two-thirds of school children are left-behind children, when you first heard the news of the summer camp, the children their eyes as starry rising desire.

"What they lack is a parent’s love, like everyone else, and parents fooling around together, talking and laughing time.

You arrival of these young people, and certainly their integration, from spiritual eliminated.

All you big brother big sister, certainly than we find ways to communicate with them much easier.

"? Shining diamonds in the rough, several carved from becoming teachers of the day, Hu Yi will never regret it. In the decades of work, he has witnessed the changes in Fengtai education.

He told, Fengtai County in 2015 ushered in a national acceptance of Balanced Compulsory Education.

"After this, we have schools, rural schools and urban schools in the county gaps hardware are greatly reduced. 99 years, we have only a boxy classroom, and now the computer room, art room, music room, library room seven function rooms, sports equipment room have been.

"Whether it is the wisdom of the classroom into the campus, or more colorful function rooms, which allow children to have more access to more opportunities for the majority of the world, but also to Hu Yi pleased and joy.

The picture shows the motto teaching upstairs. China Netcom correspondent Zhang Siqi youth taken early heart without asking just ask Seton Hall in the opening ceremony of the summer camp, Hu Yi in the chest solemnly put on his lapel pin.

"As a party member teacher, I usually have always demands on themselves.

I remember when I joined the party, right fist raised high toward the flag oath mood – share of excitement and responsibility, and always retained in my work life, lingering in my mind, I have such a time requires us teacher.

"Not forget the early heart, remember our mission. Upstairs in teaching school, came in first motto is" Love. "

Hu Yi heart filled with education, read the heart of a child. In six years as the president’s, Hu Yi practicing with early heart a party member.

Founding centenary, he also has greater expectations for the future: so that every student has access to more of the world, there is a better platform to create a bright future.