Wednesday, May 31

Barabala "Your Powder" Flash Amusement Park Surprise Rendering

Domestic leading children’s lifestyle brand Balabala, surprises in Shanghai Global Harbor, showing "Your Point Velvet" Flash Entertainment Park, through "Star Exploration", "Glacier Adventure", "Rainforest Suspension" Three Topics Dreams Scenes, to show the brand’s imagination and design fashion dumps, and also bring the brought trips in the city for children and their parents, immersively experience the "Your Pocket" brought by Balabala children’s down jacket. Product experience. From November 10th to November 15th, in Barabara, "Your Point", in the Shanghai Global Harbor Sun Hall, the three major theme dream scene, show Barabara and two fashion designers Created high-end children’s down joint series products: Balabala / JasonWu joint series and Balabalaxchenpeng joint series.

Children can play three subject scenes, in the game, experience the wonder of different natural scenes, understand the small knowledge related to the natural climate, and cultivate aesthetics for fashion clothing design, and win limited brand gifts. "Your Point Vele" Amusement Park’s dream fusion trip is the domestic leading children’s lifestyle brand, Barabara focuses on children’s down jackets.

On the one hand, the fashion cross-border is continuously carried out from the joint Dunhuang Museum, Suzhou Museum, Qi Tian Danji, Hulu, to the Chinese famous designer Wu Haiyan, Barabara, the national tide series is warm, and the national trend is a Chinese child. Spectrum written diversified chapcing chapter; on the other hand, in the development of children’s down jacket function, innovation has developed the BALABALA of technology and fashion, to prevent waterproof and humidity technology fabrics, "hot" Volcanic Rock Regenerative Technology Fabric, and peaceful velvet, environmentally friendly renewable raw materials, etc., give children the most comfortable warm protection.

It is based on this efforts to focus on innovation and constantly breaking, and Barabara is built into the first brand of "50 million children’s down jacket". In terms of trend design, Barabala has always had a unique idea.

In this season, "Your Point" fashion tip, Barabara encompasses the joint series through the famous Chinese designer Wu Ji Gang (JasonWu) and the new generation trend designer Chen Pepeng, encourages the child and the natural winter Dreams, intensifying the world, is a innovation attempt to fusion fusion and nature, reality and dreams.

Before entering the flash amusement park, children can take a group with "giant" polar bear. Entering the amusement park, first come to the "Glacier Adventure" scene, complete the fun question and answer on the glacier, and take a photo in the scene, you can play a polar exploration tour.

In the scene, it seems to be in the ice and snow world, and the snow is imagined in the children. When the snow touches the fingertips, it will illusion into a beautiful white flower, and the BALABALA / JASONWU co-name series fashion pointed goods is just from such a fantasy imagination. Snowflakes turned into a "jasmine", and the joint series of special fabrics with jasmine textures, hand-sewed three-dimensional flowers, is the exquisite presentation of these dream scenes.

The flower design elements in the joint series can also be found in the "rainforest" scenario, which seems to be strolling in the grazing of flowers and grass flying, the incarnation rainforest butterfly, not afraid of rain, and the vitality of nature. In the scene of "Star Exploration" related to Mars, the children are the brown Mars soil, and they are the space scene of the Star Galaxy, which seems to pass the Mars detection base. Learn about China Mars Detection Project in the play.

It coincides with Balabala to become the first Chinese Mars exploration engineering clothing joint brand, Chenpeng designer sects the universe party, exchange party, StarCado, Mars guides, Mars monsters, etc., to inspire children Testing and creativity. In the selection of clothing materials, it also broke through, to show the virtual Mars World and the universe, from the fabric color, the texture increase the child’s visual and tactile fun. When playing with you, Barabara, "Your Point", the first day of "business", has attracted many children and parents to come to play. Not only that, many media editing of children’s fashion, the parent-child fashion class also took the child to the scene to preemptive experience. With the companion of the parents, children in the amusement park and "giant" Polar bear, participate in Mars Fun Knowledge Q & A, creative to fill out the rain forest landscape painting, show unlimited creativity, play is not easy, the atmosphere is warm Journey.

The style of style, wonderful dream, exquisite and childlike scene design, also attracted the moments of the live participating in the event, they want to use a photo, leave the children every happy moment.

In the 6th day of "Your Point Velvet", Balabara welcomes parent-child to the amusement park, cross the fantasy time and space, and "velvet" with the wonderful winter days, and the children are wonderful Imagine phase "velvet". In the world of children, there is no border in winter, and Barabara wants to give them the warmed care, let the child are not limited. This flash entertainment garden, through the natural scenes that have been extended by the design concept, immersive, immersed in Barabara and the famous Chinese designer JasonWu, China’s famous fashion designer chenpeng joint series products, in the process of playing It attracts children to pay attention to nature, integrate into nature, integrate into the world, inspire imagination, and set foot with them to write a dreamless future journey.

As the first brand of "hot sale 50 million children’s down jacket", Barabala will continue to innovate, continue to pay attention to the growth of children’s growth, continue to inject new energy into the whole children’s clothing industry, accompanying a new generation of children happy growth! .