Wednesday, May 31

Chen Maohu: The New Pattern Legislative Council will fully focus on the livelihood

  Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, November 28 (Reporter Liu Mingyang) Hong Kong SAR Government Financial Secretary Chen Mao, published on the 28th, after improving the election system, Hong Kong is entering the new stage of Zhi and Xing, the SAR Legislative Council Welcome to the new weather, will fully focus on the livelihood, develop the economy, and build the future under the new pattern. The 7th Legislative Council elections in the Hong Kong SAR will be held on December 19.

Chen Mao Bo pointed out that no matter what social background or people who are actively concerned and put into this election, they are very significant. This not only allows us to develop, overall situation, and people’s livelihood issues and express their opinions. It is a rare opportunity for us to work together to build and share results for Hong Kong. He emphasized that the implementation of the Hong Kong Guohang Law and Perfecting the Election System, making Hong Kong’s disorders, so that Hong Kong society and political development will return to the right track.

Under the full support of the central government, the administrative dominant management model is re-established; the SAR Government has fully promoted the development, improve people’s livelihood; the Legislative Council played a positive promotion and monitoring role; the society is fully focused on economic people’s livelihood. When all links are facing Hong Kong better develop this goal, the energy generated will become the maximum kinetic energy to crack deep contradictions and obstacles. He said that the background of candidates in this election is quite extensive and fully reflects equal participation.

In the future, the eleset enters the Legislative Council will help the SAR Government can solve the current outstanding problems when developing policies, and has long-term development ideas. The Government and Legislative Council can be negotiated with improvement of the policy, but also to promote the future of society.

  Chen Maohu said that the economic prosperity, the work is stable, the life improvement, and the homage industry is the expectation of Hong Kong citizens. He called on everyone to actively participate in the resolution of the Legislative Council, realize the balanced participation, multi-inclusive, and promote the development of the parliamentary work to focus on Hong Kong, and enhance the strength of Hong Kong’s unity and steady.

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