Thursday, June 1

Corps donated a $ 18,000 quilt

On October 14, the disaster relief suppliers carrying thousands of quilts arrived in Shanxi Province. These quilts donated by the six divisions of the six-teacher city will be distributed in the hands of the victims of Shanxi by the Shanxi Red Cross.

"3 days of day and night, although it is hard, it is worth it.

Huang Yi, the head of the six divisions, the traffic police department, told reporters that when the team arrived in Beijing New High-speed Gansu, due to the large traffic volume, there was a congested situation. After the local traffic police of Gansu learned, use the police car with the police The way the material is guaranteed to quickly pass. "From October 10, our workshops were processed for 3 days and 24 hours a row, and they were sent to Shanxi disaster area.

"Ruixue combed cotton manufacturing Co., Ltd. stops the car Wang Lirong tells the reporter. As the intersection of the Shanxi Province, in recent years, the five-year five talents have received strong help and support from Shanxi Province in terms of talents, projects, education, medical treatment. .

In order to thank all walks of life from all walks of life for many years, the five-year-old four channels will provide support and assistance in Shanxi flood control.