Wednesday, May 31

A day, 600 times, France, a church, bell, make the town distressed

  [Global Times Comprehensive Report] Does the church seda mediate the people? A small town in France will conduct referendum in this week, decide whether to ban the "Night Half Bear" of the Chinese Church.

  According to the French "Western Daily" reported on the 15th, it was less than 3 minutes in the church in Sella Town, Doman Province. Even if they did not interrupted at night, the bell was nearly 600 times a day. More than 6,300 residents of the town were divided into two opposing camps because of this. It is difficult to achieve consistency in each of the two sides.

The opponents believe that the night is more than 200 times, and its decibels are equivalent to the sound of the lawn mower, which seriously interferes with people sleep.

Many supporters believe that Ning Zhong is an indispensable part of rural life and local traditions, and learn to share with them.

To this end, Sala Town held a real-name system in the 15th to 19th, and each family will invest one vote under the supervision of the judicial officials, and dispute with this.

  The French blue radio said that in recent years, France has repeatedly exploding someone against rural chicken, cattle, and even church bells.

The French Senate, in January this year, specially adopted the Sensities in the Rural Sensory Heritage Act.

However, what sounds and smells truly belong to the "sense of sensory heritage", and ultimately be defined by the local government and decide whether to protect.

(Zhao Fengying).