Wednesday, May 31

Big data innovation service model helps Qilu population long-term equilibrium development

Shandong Province fully exerts large data innovation applications, surrounding service "an old one small", reshape the key link service model involving the life cycle of marriage, maternity, raising, education, and pension, etc., putting "Pu Hui" two To practice, promote the long-term balanced development of Shandong population.

This year, Shandong Province launched a pilot work of cross-regional marriage registration, and realized the "provincial general" "cross-provincial" "

On June 1st, the province’s 145 marriage registrations have begun to handle cross-provincial marriage registration business, and the first cross-provincial marriage certificate issued in Jinan City is issued.

As of July 9, the province has a total of 289 registrations across the province.

At the same time, carry out a compliance of marriage registration history archives, and the existing marriage registration history files have been fully collected, and more than 439 million Shandong Province have been completed through business integration, process reconstruction, data sharing, and in-depth advancement "One Netcom" "one window acceptance", expands "a chain handling" to promote more related matters, and provide "one-stop" service. In terms of fertility services, to create a "one thing" as the entry point, actively promote the certificate of birth medicine "online office" "hand-on", promote 11 service matters such as health, public security, medical insurance, etc. Inter-departmental cross-level cross-system Joint office, full network.

Since March this year, newborns can apply "birth medical certificate" on the "Health Shandong Service No." online, and the paper birth medical certificate can be delivered by mail, and "zero erraises". Qingdao, Sunshine and other cities link through data sharing and department in a single window, one platform realizes birth medical certificate, vaccination certificate, account registration (birth registration), urban and rural residents, medical insurance insured registration, social security card, resident status Corporate certificate and other birth related documents, 8 "errands", 11 sheets, 52 pieces of various materials to 1 sheet, 4 materials, and the masses apply from least 3 minutes. Comprehensively promote new smart urban construction, promote water supply, gas supply, heating, bus, urban management, medical and other public data resources centralized aggregation and cross-level sharing applications, and carry out the monitoring of urban "signs" and implement refined management. In terms of holographic perception, comprehensively use data such as "people, land, things, things, nets, organizations" to establish social security system, build more than 480 zero-issued communities, zero-hidden, zero violation area.

In terms of traffic travel, improve ETC ecology, massively promoted ETC parking, ETC car wash, ETC refueling and other application scenarios, initially forming "car payment" application system. Convenient medical treatment, actively build the model of "Internet + Medical Insurance + Medical + Medicine" management, relying on national health medical data center (north) data resources to carry out health information such as medical resources, medical services, medical quality, residential health, infectious disease monitoring "One-screen perception" work; promote the medical service "Pocket" business, the masses can quickly apply for the hospital to make an appointment, the medical record, social security card information inquiry, the fee list and payment inquiry, medical insurance information inquiry, etc. 40 medical information Matters; realize the medical insurance services of the online line, including Internet medical insurance, open patients, record records to help online recovery and medical practitioners, automatic settlement of medical insurance funds, etc..

Precision assistance, promotion, public security, civil affairs, medical insurance, health and other departmental data sharing, establish data model, carry out data comparison, take the initiative to explore potential assistance objects, and enjoy policy officers to the province, instant help staff, low-inspiration objects, Tracks of special difficulties and rural low-income people carry out information on information and other information, etc. Medical insurance cost settlement, etc. to carry out intelligent monitoring, enhance the accuracy of rescue work.

In order to effectively solve the enrollment of the compulsory education school, the parents are concentrated on the scene, and the time consumes too much, and the information, the resident population information, the trading network sign contract information, the rental filing information, personal insights information, individual industrial and commercial households Registration information and basic information such as corporate legal person basic information and automatic comparison review, reshape enrollment process, and gradually realize the "zero proof" submission to adhere to the elderly, and carry out the "Appropriate Index" of the Administrative Service "."

Through sharing of public security, health, medical insurance, hospital, traffic, civil affairs and other departments, health checkup, outpatient medical, bus card stored value, traffic travel, health code, nursing home, funeral management, etc., accurately master the dynamics Optimize the certification process, realize the social security treatment without the "silence certification", the senior allowance "precise distribution" and other services, and the certification is invisible. At present, social security treatment has no sense of "silence certification", and the senior allowance "precision distribution" crowd accounts for 90% of the total amount of people received.

Next, Shandong Province will focus on "one old", continue to improve the population service system that covers the full life cycle, enhances the cost of nursery health, reducing birth, raising, education, and pension, and practical solving the people’s worries, release Fertility potential, promote family harmonious and happiness, help to promote the construction of digital strong provinces, empower high quality development.

(Shandong Net Letter Office).