Thursday, June 1

Chongqing transportation to create an international competitive modern logistics enterprise group

The modern logistics of the Chongqing International Logistics Circuit Operation of Chongqing International Logistics Channel is the product of economic globalization, and it is also an important service industry that promotes economic globalization. The development of the logistics industry is an important indicator for measuring a regional core competitiveness. Chongqing is located in the hinterland of the inland, not along the edge, does not rely on the sea, Chongqing product exports, except for air, mainly leaning on the Yangtze River.

Chongqing should integrate the development of "all the way" and the Yangtze River economy band, build an in-place international logistics hub and port highlands, and urgently need to open international logistics large channels to make up for existing logistics short boards.

As a backbone enterprise in the Chongqing logistics industry, Chongqing is responsible for the no loan.

  Over the years, under the support of the State Party Committee and the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Chongqing JiaoTuan is close to the national strategic deployment, grab the opportunity to dare to first, open the international railway class, cross-border road shuttle, and vigorously develop the iron sea, public Multintang and other multimodal transport, stabilize the Yangtze River container shift, actively build Chongqing out of the sea out of the country.

  At present, 8 international logistics channels in Chongqing are: Westward, Zhongta (新 欧); Dongxiang, That is, Chongqing-Shanghai Yangtze River container liner transport, Chongqing-Zhejiang Ningbo Port 渝 铁 海 海 海;; 北 向, 满Russian class; Nanxiang, including 3 major transportation methods of Western Luhai New Channel (Chongqing – Qinzhou Tiehai Intermodal Class, Chongqing-ASEAN cross-border road shuttle, Chongqing-Hani International Railway Intermodal Passage) and Chongqing-Guangzhou 铁Hano Univalent class. These 8 channels, in addition to Chongqing-Qinzhou Tiehai Intermodal Transportation, the remaining channels are permitted by the Chongqing transportation capital, and the remaining channels are responsible for the operation of the Chongqing transportation. To the west: China-Europe class (新)) all the way, all the way to innovate, set 5 "the most in the country": the first time, the number, the largest transport value, the largest radiation range, the most powerful industries The class has realized a seamless connection between "a belt all the way" and the Yangtze River.

  In order to welcome the movement of the world’s third inquiry industry, Chongqing needs a short, efficient logistics channel. In the Positive Support of the State Party Committee and Railway Corporation and the active promotion of the Municipal Logistics Office, the new European class realizes the "Chongqing cream" pen electric products from the international rail transportation transportation of the United States to Europe. In order to ensure the normalization of the class, Chongqing Transportation Group represents Chongqing and China Railway, Russian Iron, Harcycle, and Detro "Four Kingdoms" Limited Co., Ltd., specializing in the shipping organization and operation . At present, China-European class (新 欧) has launched a variety of transportation patterns such as Xinluo + Highway, Yu Xin Ou + Railway (Vietnam Band), Yu Xin Ou + Water Road (Orchard Port), forming " 1 + N "Radiation Dial System; the return of the return has been opened in more than 30 cities such as my country, East China, South China and China, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, and Southern Europe. Using this west to international logistics large channels, Xinhe Company also accelerated the pace of going out, joint ventures set up the Xincha Cafa Business Company and the European Branch, and the overall acquisition of warehouse near Duisburg Harbor Station, Germany It is focused on building a collection platform of Yinxin Ou Chase.

  East: 渝 甬 海 海 运 大列, realize the opening of "Linkage and East and Bidirectional".

  As we all know, in thousands of years, Chongqing east to logistics has always adopted long-lucky water.

The Yangtze River has always been the most important passage of Chongqing and the outside world, but the road is far away, Chongqing to Shanghai will take 10 days to 15 days, such as the maintenance of the Three Gorges Dam Ship Lock, the gain ship is congested, on this basis It is also necessary to extend 7 days to 10 days.

Not only that, with the depth of the construction of the Yangtze River economic belt, the demand for the Three Gorges Dam has increased further, and the contradiction of the gate will be more prominent.

  In response to the national "supporting the Yangtze River congestion, opening along the river class", on January 23, 2018, the Tiebohards flight class was opened. After about 57 hours of running across 6 provinces, 50 products produced by Chongqing companies were exported to 46 countries and regions through Ningbo Zhoushan Port. Today, this eastward large channel has opened 723 columns, and the container 54657TEU is sent, of which foreign trade accounts for 99%. Yudang class is connected to China-European class (新 欧), it has become an east to the Haikou, to the west to Europe’s international logistics big channel, the goods arrive at Ningbo, will be passed through the sea, North America, North America Line, South America, European lines are exported to the United States, Argentina, France, Japan, South Korea and other parts of the world. At the same time, Ningbo Zhoushan Port International Intermodal Business has been first advanced into Germany, and the way is about 20 days, which is more than 10 days compared to the sea.

  To the south: cross-border road shuttle realizes the full coverage of the Zhongnan Peninsula, and opened the land transport channels in Chongqing and Central Asia. China-ASEAN Free Trade Area is the largest free trade zone composed of developing countries in the world. It is also the world’s third largest free trade zone for the EU and North American Free Trade Area.

ASEAN is an international partner with the shortest distance between Chongqing time and space, but has not formed a logistics channel from point-to-point direct.

  In order to crack this problem, Chongqing transport office is a public transportation company to build Chongqing cross-border road bus freight platform, and the Banan District government invests in an ASEAN International Logistics Park in Chongqing Highway Logistics Gardens, and use this as a hub node Construct an international cross-border transportation network mainly based on highway container transportation.

Since the opening, Chongqing cross-border road shuttle has been operated in the "five-way" model has operated an ASEAN cycle (East Line, East, Middle Line, West Line, Evice and Singapore) and Central Asian shuttle (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan) The line) Total 8 lines, with an average of 54 days a week, developed into an important carrier in the western Luhai New Channel.

  At present, Chongqing cross-border road bus is mainly starting with the Chongqing Highway Logistics Base B. The goods from different countries and regions will be combined, warehousing, distributed, and transit in B. At the same time, value-added services such as import bonded, export tax rebate, customs declaration, simple processing is carried out. As of the end of May, 2021, the 6376 trail of the departure was shared, and the international standard box 14346TEU was shipped, and nearly 30 warehousing points were provided to customers outside the country. To the north: The Russian class is connected to the Mongolian Economic Corridor, and the Chongqing cargo can reach Moscow for the fastest 8 days.

  In order to expand the opening, strengthen Chongqing and Russia and other countries and other countries, the Russian class is from the north of Chongqing, and it is only 8 days old by the Manzhouli Port. The shortest is only 8 days, and the goods are transported from Russia from Russia to Chongqing at least To two months. Therefore, the full Russian class not only created the primary river from China inland container class to Russia. More importantly, the close relationship between the upstream region of China’s Yangtze River and the federal area of ??the Russia Volga. In recent years, the Russian class has been shipped from the initial normalization to the fixed class, and then to now 3 to 4 classes every day, the speed of ongoing frequency is accelerating, further enriched the type of cargo, and the class has formed a freighter. Mainly based on automotive parts, industrial machinery parts, daily necessities, etc.

As of the end of April this year, the full-scale Russian class has accumulated a total of 24 billion yuan, and has made a positive contribution to the China and Russian economic and trade development.