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1400 yuan per month, Panzhihua issued Sichuan’s first high-level talent pension service subsidy

Original title: 1400 yuan per month, the first high-level talented service subsidy, Sichuan, on November 8, in Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province, received the news from the Civil Affairs Bureau of Panzhihua City, and his application for high-level talents Subsidies have been reviewed, and the mother’s stay at the pension institution will be issued 1400 yuan per month in the subsidy.

This is the first high-level talent pension service subsidy for the province for promoting human resources gathering. . Chengdu Business News – Red Star Journalists learned that at the end of July this year, the Panzhihua City Civil Affairs Bureau and the Municipal Finance Bureau jointly issued the "Panzhihua City High-level Talents Pension Service Subsidy (Trial)" High-level talents, their own, spouse and both parents are 60 years old and in the climb, enjoy each household for 2 hours, a three-year free home pension door-to-door service; check in the city’s civil affairs department registration, license Or filing the pension institution, enjoy 200 yuan to 2,000 yuan per person per month, a three-year stay service subsidy. Peng Yi graduated from Chengdu University of Science and Technology to Panzhihua City, which is a high-level talent introduced by Panzhihua City.

Peng Yi mother Peng Shuhua suffers from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, lived in Panzhihua City Kang and Qimen Service Co., Ltd. Jinyu Sunshine Care Institute.

As the condition is aggravated, 85-year-old Peng Shuhua lost its ability to take long-term professional care. Peng Yi said that after he saw the relevant policy released, in connection with the actual situation of his mother, I submitted the application to the Panzhihua City Civil Affairs Bureau. Just a table, Peng Yi successfully completed the high-level talent pension service subsidy application.

Peng Yi as the third type of talent in the six high-level talents introduced by Panzhihua City, because the mother’s severe disability, can enjoy a subsidy of 1400 yuan per month, and the government directly subsidized to their mother’s pension institution, the pension institution is charged Directly reduce the elderly part of the expense.

  Peng Yi said that high-level talents pension service subsidies provide warm-hearted services for him and their parents, so that he can concentrate on do a good job in research and contribute to the development and construction of Panzhihua.

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