Thursday, June 1

@ 所有人: About the epidemic prevention and control and National Day travel, the latest authority interpretation is coming

The National Day holiday is approaching, the flow increases, the aggregation activity increases, superimposes autumn and winter factors, and the prevention and control work cannot be relaxed.Cui Gang, the second-level inspector of the National Health and Health Committee, reminded everyone, especially pay attention to two: First, always tighten the epidemic prevention and control of this string, try to reduce the necessary travel; second, do a good jobProtection in the process of personal travel.When using public transport in the plane, train, it is recommended that everyone should go to the peaks and try to avoid the intensive places where people have concentrated.According to the relevant prevention and control requirements, such as maintaining social distances, wearing a mask during the trip, do hand hygiene.

When checking in the hotel, pay attention to ventilation, everyone must strictly abide by the epidemic prevention requirements of tourist destination, once the destination appears or listed as a medium-high risk area, it must obey the emptograph of local governments.

(Zhang Wenting intern Han Xi).