Wednesday, May 31

Acupuncture and Magic "Magic Tour" in fat

  ○ The picture is the performance site.

The picture was provided by Anhui Grand Theater November 16th. Meet. "Magical Tour" is a well-known brand in Anhui Acupuncture Tuan, so far, it is influential and has a record office record.

At this performance, the performance of "Magic" is in series with cute cartoon animals such as turtles, pandas and foxes, and integrates the magic program with acrobatic programs into it. Strive to show a beautiful art party. The performance is composed of multiple small programs, including "Magic Book", "Drill Circle, Small Trampoline Basketball", "Swinging", "Funny · Capital" and "Double Tips · Die", etc. The exciting performance is equipped with mysterious dreaming scene, which attracts the audience to applaud. The program "Magic Book" is also true. The things in the screen become real in an instant, so that the audience is amazed. The program "swinging inverted" is actually inverted by the actor through the layer, until the top floor opens "swinging inverted" … The show "funny · 叼 皮" is brought to the atmosphere of the scene, and the funny clown will go to the stage to invite the audience to go to the stage. The audience performs acrobatics, to increase the performance difficulty to the layer, and then sneaked into the audience alone in the audience. The audience in the stage is to take a child to see Mr. Yong, he said to the reporter: "Too interesting, very surprising, feeling very good!" The audience is over the beautiful acrobatics and dance, "the show is particularly exciting The interaction of actors and live audiences is highlight. It must be praised. I look forward to the next performance of the acrobric skills. I will have to join! "Mr. He, who is the scene."

  According to reports, since the Anhui Acupuncture Troupe, since the Group has won more than 40 major worldwide "acrobatic festival gold awards and the 10th World" Acrobatic Festival Contest for the Tenth World "Ming Day".

Acrobatic Dance "Daijiang First Boat" program participated in the "100-year-old Zhengfeng Huayuan" in July 2021 – Anhui Province celebrates the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party of China, and wins the announcement of the Anhui Provincial Bureau Propaganda Department. (Hefei newspaper full media trainee reporter Zhuang Qian).