Thursday, June 1

Civil Aviation Administration: The three types of epidemic input risk is not higher than 75% higher.

The Civil Aviation Administration’s website screenshot said that since August, the abundance of new coronal pneumonia has grim. With the increase of international passenger flights, the number of inputs in the airway has increased.

In order to further improve the prevention and control of epidemic, strict "external prevention input" will continue to strictly implement flight fuse and reward measures in accordance with the requirements. The Civil Aviation Authority requires strict management measures for international passenger immigration flights with higher risks in the following three types of epidemic, and the guest rate is not higher than 75%. International flight epidemic prevention risk grading standard score classified as high-risk flights; the second type is the same flight of single airlines, and the number of passengers in the nucleic acid test after entering the country has been accumulated by 5 flights for 3 weeks (single flight After entering the country, the 7th Just 7th Health Program is subject to the publication of the data; the third category is to recover the flight after the input case exceeds the standard "fuse".

For the second category and third types of routes, the Civil Aviation Authority stipulates that the number of passengers in the nucleic acid detection after the entry is zero for 3 weeks, and can cancel the 75% visual rate limit, and can apply for implementation rewards according to the procedure. The Civil Aviation Authority requires that airlines should continue to strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures, do a good job in passenger temperature testing and health screening, reserve emergency isolation zones, and do a good job in passenger health code and nucleic acid testing.

Up to now, the Civil Aviation Authority has implemented 31 flights and canceled 52 entry flights.

(Editor: Chen Jingjing, Chen Kangqing).