Tuesday, January 31

Deepen cooperation to build a community of global development

  China’s global development initiative is an important declaration in China to help revitalize the United Nations Global Development Partnership. It is the vivid expression of the human fate community concept in the field of development. "We must recover the economy, promote more powerful, green, healthy global development.

"Xi Jinping Chairman attended the general debate of the 76th United Nations General Assembly and issued an important speech, solemnly proposed global development initiatives, calling on the international community to accelerate the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda to promote the new stage of global development towards the balanced coordination. To build a community of global development, the major initiative of Xi Jinping, this major initiative reflects the common expectations of the international community, in particular the majority of developing countries. In response to the world’s change in the blueprint, the global development is specified in the direction. Development is to realize the people’s happiness key.

At present, the world economy recovers are difficult, and the "development gap" in North and South is constantly increasing.

In particular, the epidemic is seriously impacting global poverty reduction, and emerging market countries have slowed down, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda faces severe challenges. At the same time, the new industrial revolutionary wave is in the ascending state, the new state, the new model, the new model, which has brought new opportunities to develop countries to achieve leap-forward development. Xi Jinping’s proposed global development initiative, core elements are to persist in development, adhere to the people-centered, adhere to the Puyan Accommodation, adhere to innovation, adhere to people and natural harmony, and adhere to the guidance of people, and promote multilateral development cooperation synergies, focus Promote poverty reduction, food security, anti-vHealth, development financing, climate change, and green development, industrialization, digital economy, interconnection and other fields. China advocates the successful experience of China’s comprehensive construction of a well-off society. It has echoed the strong wishes of the people of all countries to pursue a better life, and put the development agenda in the more important position of international cooperation, emphasizing the coordination of major economies, and focusing on the national and The internal development imbalances in various countries, unproductive problems, to create an open, fair, fair, non-discrimination, and work together to achieve cross-development, reflecting the true responsibility of building a global development of the Destishment Community. Robert Kun, chairman of the Cux Foundation of the United States, said the initiative will inject important positive energy into global development.

  Peace and development are major themes in today’s era.

In the face of heavy challenges, we must tighten this key.

In September 2015, at the United Nations Development Summit, President Xi Jinping expounded that the development concept of fairness, opening, comprehensive, and innovation, providing new programs in promoting global development.

In September 2016, under the middle of China, the G20 leader Hangzhou Summit was the first time to develop the development of the 21st Counting Group’s agenda, and jointly commit to actively implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda and develop actions plan. China puts forward a total of "a belt all the way" initiative, which is to share China’s development opportunities to achieve common prosperity.

The global development initiative proposed by China is an important declaration in China to reinvigorate the United Nations Global Development Partnership. It is a vivid manifestation in the field of human fate community.

  As the largest developing country in the world, China has always put its own development of the coordinate system of human development and is always committed to contributors of global development.

China persisted unremitting its own development, which not only enhanced the well-being of more than 1.4 billion Chinese people, but also strongly promoted global development.

World Bank is expected that China’s contribution rate for global economic growth will exceed 1/4 this year.

China has achieved a poverty alleviation goal of the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda for the United Nations in advance, more than 70% of global poverty reduction.

China provides development assistance to 166 countries and international organizations, and supports more than 120 developing countries to support the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

China has announced that it will provide $ 3 billion international assistance in the next three years to support developing countries to develop drugs and restore economic and social development. The facts are fully proven that China is a positive action for building the Global Development Destinum. Everyone has developed together is true development, sustainable development is good development. China will continue to bring more new development opportunities to the world to develop, open development, development, cooperative development, joint development, and constantly contribute to the construction of the Global Development Director.