Wednesday, May 31

90 after entrepreneurial team: planting "Xiancai" insists on dreams

"When you go to May, you can usher in picking the season.

The unique ingredients contained in Dendrobium, there is an effectiveness of Anshen, which can play a role in improving sleep … "The first spring season, the sun is bright, the air is fresh, there is a dendrover planting base in the Sanhe Village, all Huoshan County. The 25-year-old Wu Fei is in the absence of online broadcast, explaining the knowledge and effects of Huoshan Dendrobium. Wu Fei is one of the three partners of Anhui General Stone Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and the other two is also 90.

Three people have a relatively clear division of labor. Liu Bo, the company’s founder, is mainly responsible for the work of various affairs and Zhang Chao responsible for the planting of the base, and Wu Fei is mainly responsible for marketing.

Liu Bo is a veterans. After 2009, he has experienced three entrepreneurs until 2014, founded Anhui General Stone Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Speaking of entrepreneurial experience, he frank, his first bucket of gold is to do Taobao e-commerce.

"At that time, I mainly operated online in the big Mountain medicinal materials dominated by Shishan Dendrobium, and did a long time. There is a lot of thinking about the development of this industry.

I think, to ensure the healthy development of the industry, the quality products are the first source of products, which also prompted me to make a decision to go to the mountains of Hoshan Dendrobium. "If there is a good teacher on the way to start a business, I will take a lot of detours, and I have a lot of bitterness.

Liu Bo is very fortunate, encountered such a "leader" on such a generic road.

At the beginning of 2016, Liu Bo got to know Huoshan Dendrobia’s heritage inheritance, under his suggestion, Liu Bo started a small-scale test in the hill of the hometown of the hometown, and now, his Dendrobi base has more than 100 acres, which has been taken Size, soon, the base was also organized by the provincial party committee, the group provincial party committee named the fifth batch of Anhui Province’s college students return home business demonstration base (garden).

"In the process of planting Dendrobium, we have encountered a lot of difficulties, there are natural disasters such as heavy snow, floods, and because of illness loss due to insufficient experience, there are some other people’s difficulties. Although it feels very difficult, now I think it is. I think, if you don’t experience these things, we can’t grow.

"Like many young entrepreneurs, Liu Bo’s entrepreneurial team has also walked a lot of detours at the beginning of development.

When you talk about how you build an entrepreneurial team, Liu Bo said that when you find a partner, in addition to the character, the ability, he is the most intended to be a common value. "Entrepreneurship has a dream is not enough. After all, it will encounter many unexpected difficulties during entrepreneurship. At this time, there is a strong sense of mission to keep yourself.

"When I said this topic, Liu Bo recalled a small thing happened last year.

Because last year’s rainy season is relatively long, there is a lot of nasal sneakers in Dendrobi base (common names), in order to ensure the quality of Dendrobium, they did not choose spray, but decided to handmade. That time, 8:00 pm every night, sometimes even in the early morning, they held an umbrella and stayed in the base. "Although Wu Fei is a girl, but it is not a good job." Liu Bo said his team and praised. Speaking of entrepreneurial feelings, three young people laughed, although some entrepreneurs around me were leaving, but they still walked on the way to dream, and feel that they have "very fulfilling" every day. For many people think that "the experience of lack of hardships and setbacks after 90, the pressure resistance is not strong", Liu Bo summarizes, in the entrepreneurial process, the first direction is the first. At the beginning of the entrepreneurship, we must examine the maturity of the development of this industry that you choose, and after the direction is clear, you can put it into action.

On the other hand, the ability to compressibility is certainly an essential element of entrepreneurial success, which needs to be hone in failure and adversity.

Rapid-growing companies, every day, it is driving the young founders to grow faster. Liu Bo said: "Okay is young, we have the opportunity and courage to face failed, embrace the future.

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I have to say that this is a innovative entrepreneurial era of the dream to the dream of the wings, while the 90s is growing rapidly into the backbone of innovation.

Most of them are start-ups, entrepreneurial roads, although they have encountered funds, talents, markets, etc., but still choose to be active on the stage of revitalizing the country. They also bring different vitality and vitality while injecting fresh blood into the traditional industry. Although some people choose to give up, it is exciting that there are still more and more young people who are joining them. Source: 西 日报 (Editor: Wu Siwu, Li Vu) Sharing let more people see.