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A grassroots coach’s question leads to the new thinking of talents

Original title: The question of a grassroots coach introduced talents to cultivate new thinking Olympic champion Yang Qian’s enlightenment coach Yu Lihua recently passed the personal social media, and the Zhejiang Olympic Games, Zhejiang Athletes, and coaches, Zhejiang athletes, and coaches. question. Yan Lihua believes that Yang Qian is a student who has been selected and delivered to Tsinghua University, but the commendation of Zhejiang Province has excluded himself, such a way to let the grassroots coach chill. Yu Lihua said today, in the interview of Zhongqing,, on October 26th, he was learned from the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government to the Tokyo Olympic Games, Shaanxi National Games Zhejiang athlete, the coach’s commendation results, Serve.

"We used to train athletes as a trainer, just a simple hope athlete, and did not take care of the awards, but if a athlete cultivated, the hard coach did not have a name, change anyone very Is it difficult to accept? "Yu Lihua said that he is Yang Qian’s enlightenment coach, cultivated her 5 years later, and then he did not be selected by the provincial team, it is recommended that she takes sports special students. The identity is appns that Tsinghua University, Yang Qian is selected to enter the national shooting team after being admitted to Tsinghua University.

It can be said that Yang Qian can eventually become an Olympic champion, with the enlightenment of Yan Lihua, and cultivate a secret relationship.

However, in this commendation in Zhejiang Province, he did not mention his name. Yu Lihua said that he is not required that all the coaches in a athlete will be commended. She just think that if it is a athlete’s growth, the material has played a highlighted coach, and should not be ignored. On the evening of October 26, Lin Lihua, who was deeply affected, was issued in a personal social media. Athlete who won the Olympic gold medal.

Since the teaching, (I), students have received the Olympics 2 gold 1 copper, Asian Games 6 gold 1 silver 2 copper, the whole city 2 gold 1 silver 6 copper, Qingyun 4 gold 3 silver 4 copper, pay the common people unimaginable hardships.

With this evaluationism, many coaches will be chilling, and the value is not worth contributing to Zhejiang Sports? "October 28, Yang Qian also sent a message through personal social media, and affirmed that Yu Lihua’s key role in his own growth." Thank you for the cultivation of the country, thank you, the teacher, Lihua coach, for so many years, for my concern, thanks Zhejiang My support and trust, I will continue to work hard, don’t be expected, and strive to create more honors. "Zhongqing News · Zhongqing Net reporter learned from the relevant parties that the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government commends the Zhejiang Olympics, Shaanxi National Games Zhejiang athletes, coaches, is targeting Zhejiang provincial athletes, coaches, Therefore, it does not involve the enlightenment coach of the athlete, and there is no intention to exclude the idea of ??the Kurihua coach. According to the institution of the athlete, the coach is commended by step by step, the commendation of Ningbo City will take the envelope coach into the scope.

However, Yan Lihua believes that in accordance with the practice, Zhejiang Province has a list of contributors to the Olympics, the whole port, is reported by the Zhejiang Sports Bureau. He said: "This list highlights the sports administrative department of some places still pursue the ideology of the ‘small circle’ interest, reward, and honor just think about the so-called system.

"The reporter learned from Zhejiang, the Zhejiang Sports Bureau’s bureaucratic personnel, in fact, not only considering the system, but referring to the long-term Olympics, all commendation.

However, this recognition caused a question of Yan Lihua, and also gave a wake up to the relevant parties. With the in-depth and social processes of the body education, the commendation activities of the Olympics, all luckymen should be more and more sports system The figure outside the person. Once is also a grassroots coach in the sports system, in 2018, the education system has entered the education system, and became the overall coach of Hailiang Education Ningbo.

Yu Lihua said that in recent years, the state has vigorously promoted the integration of physical education, encouraging social processes, which has been issued from the "Sports National Construction Outline" issued by the Sports Sports in 2019 to the "14th Five-Year" Sport Development Plan "and many other documents. It is reflected in it.

At the Tokyo Olympics, Yang Qian as the Olympic champion raised by sports teaching is very representative, which is a reason why she is very concerned. I believe that in the future, more and more sports talents will cultivate from the education system, the social club, which will also serve the cultivation of sports system. In this era background, some sports administrations are required to be able to do sports in an open mentality. Only in this way can they achieve truly open and fuse.

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