Wednesday, May 31

2021 Hope Project Round Dream Action Hunan Sisher Conference will be held

People’s Network Changsha December 3, December 3, Hosted by China Youth Development Foundation, China Guizhou Maotai Winery (Group) Co., Ltd., Hunan Provincial Youth Development Foundation jointly Changsha Municipal Committee, Changsha Youth Development Foundation The "China Maotai Guizhou Liang" 2021 hopes that the project is coming to the project, the student of Hunan Province will be held.

Guizhou Maotai Hunan Provincial Manager Gong Yigui, Hunan Provincial Hope Engineering Office Director, Hunan Youth Development Foundation, Chairman Zhu Xingen, Deputy Secretary, Deputy Secretary Liu Fei Mi, Changsha Municipal Committee, Changsha City Hope Engineering Service Center Director, Changsha City Youth Development Foundation Chairman Hu Chaojun, as well as 12 recipient students from Changsha colleges and universities participated in activities. At the meeting, Gong Yigui donated 1 million yuan to the Hunan Provincial Youth Development Foundation, which was used in Hunan Province, which was used in Hunan Province. University undergraduate new students in the hard work of family economy. Xie Xiaoling awarded the Moutai Group, Liu Feiimi, gave the Maotai Group. At the event, Moutai student represented the "Poem Liang Fu", showing the full spirit of the Liang Ziang, who is the future of the future, is high-spirited.

After reading, the students have discussed discussions from their respective universities, future professional planning, and as Moutai students.

Gong Yigui said that he hopes to be bonced to bother to bother youth, struggle to dream, consciously take responsibility for the heavy responsibility of the era, become the motherland after the pillars, and contribute to the construction of a strong country in the new era.

Since 2012, Maotai joined in China, 33 provincial heroes, donated 100 million yuan per year to reward funding for the college entrance examination, and was admitted by the full-time colleges and universities. 20,000 university new students in the family economy, each subsidized 5,000 yuan.

In the past 10 years, Moutai Group donated $ 2.1.25 million to Hunan Provincial Youth Development Foundation, accumulated award funded a reward of 4,250 cultural difficulties in the province, a rural family economic difficult student.

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