Wednesday, May 31

Anshunjing District Ahzhai "Country Revitalization Research Base" officially launched

On August 30th, the "Rural Rejuvenation Research Base" was held in Ashi Zhai Village in Anshunjing District. Guizhou Provincial Committee Agriculture Office, Guizhou Agricultural Rural Hall Rural Revitalization and Rural Social Business Expert Advisory Committee Secretary-General Huang Shuiyuan awarded the "Country Revitalization Research Base".

Famous cultural scholars, calligraphy, engraving home, vice chairman of the Chinese Folk Literature and Artists Association, the vice chairman of Guizhou Provincial Wencon, the famous artist, sculpture master Song Peiling, Guizhou Provincial Rural Social Care Expert Advisory Committee Deputy Secretary-General Dr. Zhu Guofei, the deputy director of the Anshun Municipal Committee, the secretary of the District Party Work Committee, the district party Working Committee member, the organ Minister Zhou Bin, etc.

It is understood that Ahzhai Village is the only three-country vine cultural village in the country, saving the traditional national village of the rich culture and historical vicissitudes, where the village is accomplished, people and natural harmony, dry rape structure, stone House, stone wall, stone’s ribs, stone grind, stone wall stone house high and low, with Anshun unique domain characteristics and national culture. Sensitin said in the speech that this year, Anshun Economic Anshan is awarded 10 of the "Wen Zhenjing", and built 10 Documentary Fusion Projects. The only three-country Fujijia culture creates a vine valley, excavation of the cultural elements of the Biyi culture, and keeps a hundred years of vicissitudes of the ancient architecture and the old homestay memories, letting culture promotes civilization, driving the tourism industry, agriculture industry, Catering accommodation is developed. The village introduced the tourism company, launching the vines cultural inheritance to make three vines, teaching vines, and activate the history of non-material cultural heritage, artistic value, shaping the regional civilization and cultural ecology, and promoting the spirit of villages, industries Blood, prosperous. She said that Angzhai Rural Revitalization The Research Base is a golden signboard. I hope that the people of Ahzhai will take out specific actions, talk about health, talk about civilization, ceremonies, and unity, and cherish this cherished brand, maintain a good fine. Gas God, love our beautiful hobbies, build, good management, good operation.

At the same time, I hope that Jin Cani Company and related enterprises in Guizhou Province will continue to play the spirit of the courage to work as a social responsibility, grasp the opportunity, take advantage of the situation, more participation in the construction of the Economic Development Zone, the economic development of the Economic Development area, the employment income income Urban comprehensive strength improvement continues to play a leading role and make new and greater contributions.

After the meeting, the participants appreciate the cultural programs of self-identifying the private art groups. (Zhao Zhenhua Dai Shengxin) (Editor: Yulin, Chen Kangqing).